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Even though millions of people live with them, phobias remain a misunderstood disorder. Get the facts and learn how to cope with your persistent fears.
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Is a Phobia Triggering Your Fight or Flight Response?
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Should You Deal With Your Phobia on Your Own?
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Revolving Door Syndrome With Phobias
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Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms and Progression
Scared child gripping the arms of chair in a dentist's office
Phobia Symptoms, Types, and Treatment
A man living with depression.
Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder (DDD): Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment
Human Evolution
Human Behavior and Evolutionary Psychology
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How to Fly Safely With Claustrophobia
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Effects of Phobias on Your Emotions and Personality
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The Concept of Jung's Collective Unconscious Explained
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How Constructivism Relates to Understandings of Phobias
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A Look at Culture-Specific Phobias
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Resources for Phobia Support
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How Many People Have Phobias in the United States?
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Tabula Rasa in Psychology
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Common Phobic Reactions for the Three Types of Phobias
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Identifying and Coping With Anticipatory Anxiety
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Using Behavior Modeling Theory for Phobic Patients
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The Link Between Religious Faith and Fear
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The Psychoanalytic Theory of Transference
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Conversion Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment
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How Mass Hysteria Is Related to Groupthink
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What Is a Presenting Problem?
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Understanding Intake Interviews for Phobias
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Medical Model Use in Psychology
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Magical Thinking Benefits and Mental Health Concerns
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Medication to Treat Claustrophobia While Traveling
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When Your Fears About Dying Are Unhealthy
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Understanding Phobias and How to Manage Them
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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Phobias
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3 Major Theories on How Phobias Develop
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The Medical Model in Psychology on Phobias and the Brain
I've got to get away from here!
Mental Health Research on the Genetics of Phobias
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Object Relations Theory and the Mom Factor
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How Different Factors Cause Certain Phobias
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Learning Theory and Phobias