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Treatment for Phobias

Without treatment, phobias can significantly worsen. Discover how the right medications and therapy strategies can help you overcome your biggest fears.
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How Eclectic Therapy Helps a Client's Needs
Group therapy
How Psychoeducational Group Therapy Can Help Phobias
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Treating Specific Phobia With Drugs
Hypnotherapy Session
What Is Hypnotherapy?
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Talk Therapy as a Treatment Option for Phobias
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How Behavioral Therapy Is Used in the Treatment of Fears
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Thought Stopping and Controlling Obsessive Thoughts
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What to Know About Therapeutic Rapport
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Alternative Therapy Treatments for Phobias
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Finding a Therapist to Treat Your Phobia
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What Are the Goals of Therapy for Specific Phobias?
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Your First Therapy Appointment for Phobia Overview
A woman practices meditation.
Mental Health Relaxation Tips for Phobias
An individual therapy session.
How Individual Therapy Works
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How Parroting Is Used in Therapy
women being supportive
A Support Person Is Necessary for Treating Phobias
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D-Cycloserine as a Promising Phobia Treatment
'Group Therapy, meeting of support group with their counselor. Selective focus to young woman talking.'
Overcoming Setbacks in a Group Setting
Girl experiencing extreme fear due to phobia
Treatment Options for Phobias
Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft anti-depressant tablets, close-up
Using SSRI Anxiety Medication for Phobias
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How a Therapeutic Treatment Plan Can Help You