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    Explore the various types of psychology, their history, and the major theorists behind them and apply this knowledge to your own mental and emotional well-being.
    holding hands in comfort.
    Are You Highly Attuned to Other People's Emotions? You Might Be an Empath
    Woman being defensive at work.
    What Is Defensiveness?
    Man looking sad while looking out the window.
    What Is Shame?
    Depressed young woman talks to therapist
    What Is Humanistic Therapy?
    best sympathy gifts
    The 17 Best Sympathy Gifts of 2021, According to an Expert
    Portrait of a mother with daughter Autism and Down Syndrome in daily lives.
    What Is Neurodivergence and What Does It Mean to Be Neurodivergent?
    best grief journals
    The 10 Best Grief Journals of 2021, According to an Expert
    Mood swing concept. Many emotions surround young female with Bipolar disorder. Woman suffers from hormonal with a change in mood
    What to Know About Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy
    two woman are sitting on a old fashioned sofa
    What to Know About Neurofeedback Therapy
    Doctors talking to woman in hospital
    What to Know About Ketamine Infusion Therapy
    Caring man comforting upset wife after fight
    What Is a Projection Defense Mechanism?
    Group Of People Against Blurred Background
    What Is a Cult of Personality?
    Sad Girl Sitting With Father Looking at Cell Phone
    Daddy Issues: History, Impact, and How to Cope
    Multiple exposure, side view, dark skinned female
    What Is Reaction Formation?
    Young woman and bearded man sitting on a sofa
    Is There Real Psychology Behind Daddy Issues?
    Therapist talking to patient on chaise lounge in office - stock illustration
    What Is Exposure Therapy?
    Therapist asking questions to a parent and child and taking notes
    How Reunification Therapy Works
    Two women talking at counseling session
    Best Insurance Companies For Mental Health
    upset woman with therapist
    The Best Motivational Interviewing Training Programs
    mcgurk effect
    How the McGurk Effect Impacts Communication During COVID-19
    black senior woman in therapy
    What Is Feminist Therapy?
    Man having a cognitive behavioral therapy video call with mental health professional
    What To Know About Sex Addiction Therapy
    Positive blonde middle-aged woman psychologist talking to girl patient
    What to Know About Attachment Therapy
    Upset young adults flatmates sitting indoors and talking
    Can People Really Change?
    Shot of a young woman having a counselling session with a psychologist using a video conferencing tool
    How Integrative Therapy Works
    Positive blonde middle-aged woman psychologist talking to girl patient
    What to Know About Regression Therapy
    A serious mid adult female soldier talks to a male mental health professional about hard situations while serving overseas.
    What Is Experiential Therapy?
    A mature LatinX woman with curly dark hair, sits in a seated spinal twist, with a Hindu god sculpture in the background of a yoga studio.
    What Is Yoga Therapy?
    Young Muslim woman at a counselling session.
    What Is Sleep Therapy?
    Mid adult woman in her 30s sitting at table and looking at computer, remote working, freelancer, small business
    Does Health Insurance Cover Therapy?
    Cute little Asian girl playing with wooden toy train in the living room at home
    What to Know About Play Therapy?
    human and spirit powerful energy connect to the universe power abstract art watercolor painting illustration design hand drawn
    What Is Color Therapy?
    Close up of man drawing with paints and pencils at home. Remote education, creative occupation, art therapy
    What Is Expressive Arts Therapy?
    Teenage girl discussing problems with female therapist at community center
    How Holistic Therapy Works
    Beautiful young mother and her toddler daughter meet with friends during support or play therapy group
    How Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Works
    Teenage girl (16-17) talking to therapist
    8 Signs of a Bad Therapist: When You Should Move On
    Teen girl with phone sitting on bed
    FDA Approval and Mental Health Apps
    Psychologist interviewing a man about his health. Mental health and counseling concept.
    How Reality Therapy Works
    Group psychotherapy
    How Psychodrama Works
    Couple counseling or therapy session. Man talking about problems in the family. Husband and wife meeting their psychiatrist.
    How Structural Family Therapy Works
    Man in therapy session
    What Is Anger Management Therapy?
    Shot of two young men and a woman having a discussion in a modern office
    What to Know About Sex Therapy
    soldier and his psychotherapist during a session
    What Is Trauma Therapy?
    relationship difficulties
    What Is Couples Therapy?
    Woman practicing somatic movement in her health studio
    What Is Somatic Therapy?
    Psychologist Taking Notes Talking With Crying Woman In Office, Cropped
    What to Know About Grief Counseling
    Woman talking to her therapist.
    How Much Does Therapy Cost?
    Man listening to therapist
    What to Know About Sliding Scales in Therapy
    Woman in hijab holding a therapy session with a female client
    What to Know About the Different Forms of Psychotherapy
     Psychology therapy session
    What Not to Say to Your Therapist
    Talk therapy session.
    Common Misconceptions About Therapy Cleared Up
    Man in grief counseling.
    What Is Bereavement Therapy?
    An image of a woman seated in an office speaking to a therapist.
    Is Psychodynamic Therapy an Effective Approach to Treatment?
    Key principles of narrative therapy
    How Narrative Therapy Works
    psychedelic therapy
    How Does Psychedelic Therapy Work?
    A culturally sensitive therapist will understand you.
    How to Find a Therapist Who Understands Your Culture
    Upset parent pointing at daughter at doctor's office
    What Is Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (Factitious Disorder Imposed by Another)?
    Test your negative beliefs with behavioral experiments.
    How to Use Behavioral Experiments to Test Your Self-Limiting Beliefs
    Diverse people sitting in a circle during group therapy
    How Group Therapy Works
    Psychotherapy Process
    What Not to Expect from Psychotherapy