Patient talking with his therapist

An Introduction to Psychology

Familiarize yourself with the basic theories and methods found in psychology and learn how they can play a big role in your daily life and your relationships with loved ones.

Close-up of worried man with eyes closed at home
The Four Fear Responses: Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn
A young girls meets with a therapist to discuss her struggles, addictions and mental well being
What Is Adolescent Psychology?
mom hugging sad young boy at dinner table
What Is Regression in Psychology?
Cut out hearts with different moral principles written on them.
What Are Moral Principles?
What Is Associative Memory?
woman looking in the mirror
The Carol Gilligan Theory and a Woman's Sense of Self
looking into the distance and thinking
What Is the Illusion of Control?
Two happy women talking through the window
What Is the Proximity Principle in Psychology?
asian female reading book near a bookshelf
What Is Pop Psychology?
Walking direction on asphalt
What Is The Difference Between Morality and Ethics?
Hands of woman discovering a treasure chest full of photographs and holding an old black and white photograph of a smiling woman standing on a balcony in Rome in 1960s.
How Context-Dependent Memory Works
Couple sitting outdoors with woman holding head in hands
What Does It Mean to Pathologize Someone?
Hispanic couple holding hands in car
What Is Parallel Processing in Psychology?
What Is Adrenaline?
Shot of a young couple having an argument while sitting on their couch at home
Is Your Emotional Attachment Style Healthy?
Smiling parents looking at autistic son while sitting on sofa in living room
What Is Neurodiversity?
Upset woman sitting on sofa alone at home
What Is a Guilt Trip?
Unhappy Teenage Girl Being Gossiped About By Peers
What Is Triangulation in Psychology?
 Teenage girl in her bedroom on devices, showing a range of emotions including happiness and saddness
Why Do People Bully?
person using a smartphone
Why Do We Believe in Conspiracy Theories?
Talk therapy session.
Common Misconceptions About Therapy Cleared Up
Features that psychologists have found to be indicators of beauty
What Scientists Have to Say about Facial Beauty
Cancel Culture Concept
Cancel Culture and Its Mental Health Effects
Man sitting down reading a book.
What Is Conventional Wisdom?
male gaze
What Is the Male Gaze?
A frustrated person watching two friends having a conversation
The Mental Health Effects of Holding a Grudge
BIPOC person holding pride flag
What Is Prejudice?
holding hands in comfort.
Are You Highly Attuned to Other People's Emotions? You Might Be an Empath
Woman being defensive at work.
What Is Defensiveness?
Man looking sad while looking out the window.
What Is Shame?
Men prepare flowers for lovers. But his lover is with other people for others. Love concept
Are There Times It's Okay To Lie?
Depressed young man
10 Cognitive Distortions You'll Learn About in Therapy
Two friends talking.
How Does Reverse Psychology Work?
Woman standing with man behind her.
What Is Misogyny?
the chameleon effect
Everything You Should Know About the Chameleon Effect
Human anatomy scientific illustrations: Brain side view
Psychosurgery may be used to treat severe mental health disorders.
The Psychology of Cyberbullying
conspiracy theories
Why Do People Believe in Conspiracy Theories?
thinking illustration
What Happens to Your Body When You're Thinking?
traits of a psychopath
Could Someone I Know Be a Psychopath?
Group of friends taking a yoga class illustration
How to Increase Your Endorphins
Individuals with Stockholm syndrome may feel bad for their captors.
Why Do Some Victims Develop Stockholm Syndrome?
Cults attract people with promises of rewarding them.
What Actually Constitutes a Cult?
uncanny valley
The Uncanny Valley: Why Realistic Robots Are Creepy
Character strenghts
Making Sense of Character Strengths
Divorce Support Group
The 7 Best Online Divorce Support Groups of 2021
numbers on a screen
Quantitative and qualitative research answer different questions
Woman having negative medication side effects
How the Nocebo Effect Influences Your Response to Treatment
Adult son hugging senior mother on the beach
What Does It Mean When Someone Reference Mommy Issues
Woman writing a list.
How the Primacy Effect Can Help You in Your Life
Interference of similar memories
What Is Interference in Psychology?
Thought patterns associated with panic disorder
How to Stop Irrational Thoughts
Woman with negative thoughts
Why Our Brains Are Hardwired to Focus on the Negative
Mental illness isn't always what you think.
How Different Mental Illnesses Are Diagnosed and Treated
internal and external validity
Understanding Internal and External Validity
Researchers looking at video screens.
What Are the Research Domain Criteria?
What is psychology
What You Should Know About Psychology
Woman thinking at kitchen table
Why Does the Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomenon Happen?
Lonely child sitting on play park playground bench
The Warning Signs of Reactive Attachment Disorder in Children
Young woman listening to music while commuting
10 Surprising Psychological Benefits of Music