Patient talking with his therapist

The History of Psychology and Its Major Theorists

The history of psychology is filled with fascinating discoveries and stories about the people and events that shaped the modern mental health landscape.
Psychologist Gordon Allport
Gordon Allport's Impact on the Field of Psychology
Alfred Binet portrait
Alfred Binet and the Simon-Binet Intelligence Scale
Sigmund Freud in his office
Sigmund Freud's Life and Contributions to Psychology
Mary Whiton Calkins history
Mary Whiton Calkins' Influence on Psychology
Scientists Edward Thorndike and Karl T. Compton
Edward Thorndike's Contribution to Psychology
G. Stanley Hall center
Biography of Psychologist G. Stanley Hall
Mary Ainsworth working with a child
Why Mary Ainsworth Is Important in Child Psychology
Sigmund Freud reading at his desk
Religion According to Sigmund Freud
Crowd walking on a city street
Kurt Lewin Is the Father of Modern Social Psychology
The original shock box used in Milgram's obedience experiments
Milgram's Experiments and the Perils of Obedience
Sigmund Freud in his office
Sigmund Freud Terms and Concepts
Robert Yerkes in his office at Harvard
Robert Yerkes Was Influential in Comparative Psychology
Person in front of TV
Psychology Experiments That Will Surprise You
6 Classic Psychology Experiments
B.F. Skinner in 1948
10 Most Influential Psychologists
scared child hugging her knees next to a wall
The Story of Feral Child Genie Wiley
Inside of womans head improving and becoming brighter
Biography of Psychologist John B. Watson
psychologist Albert Bandura sitting in offie
Biography of Psychologist Albert Bandura
An image of William James
William James Psychologist Biography
Sigmund Freud
The Life, Work, and Theories of Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud
An Overview of Sigmund Freud's Theories
Erik Erikson
Biography of Psychologist Erik Erikson
Abraham Harold Maslow, Psychologist
Abraham Maslow's Life and Legacy
Jean Piaget recieving a science award
Jean Piaget: Life and Theory of Cognitive Development
What should psychology majors minor in?
Structuralism and Functionalism Schools of Thought
Portrait of Howard Gardner, April 20, 2011
Howard Gardner Biography and Theories
psychology schools of thought
The 7 Psychology Schools of Thought
mother smiling while holding infant child outdoors
The Biography of the Psychologist John Bowlby
Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers Psychologist Biography
Psychologist Lev Vygotsky
Biography of Psychologist Lev Vygotsky
Seligman speaking at the 2016 Novus Summit
Martin Seligman Biography and Psychological Theories
embarrassed woman covering her mouth
What's Really Happening When You Have a Freudian Slip
Portrait of Sigmund Freud sitting at his desk
Freud's Theories of Life and Death Instincts
Drawn portrait of Alfred Adler
Alfred Adler Biography: Career and Life
H J Eysenck
Psychologist Hans Eysenck Biography
Wilhelm Wundt founded the first psychology lab
The First Experimental Psychology Lab