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Quit Smoking 101 -- Lesson 7

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Much of the "work" of quitting tobacco takes place early on in cessation. Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can range from feeling like you're coming down with a cold to being so lethargic all you want to do is sleep.

Take heart. While the discomforts can be intense, nicotine withdrawal is a short-lived event.

In this lesson we'll cover how to cope with nicotine withdrawal and share tips from those who have been through it successfully.

Take a deep breath, forge ahead, and please remember: The discomforts of nicotine withdrawal are truly temporary. You'll be out of this phase of the recovery process quickly in the grand scheme of things. Better days are ahead -- much better!

As the saying goes...

...you have to go through it to get through it.

Nicotine Withdrawal Basics

Nicotine Withdrawal A to Z
Review how withdrawal from nicotine works, from what the symptoms might be to how to cope with them.

8 Common Symptoms of Nicotine Withdrawal
Browse through the most commonly reported symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and their remedies.

Top 10 Tips for Coping with Nicotine Withdrawal
Ten of the best tried and true methods for overcoming the urge to smoke.

8 Signs That You're In Nicotine Withdrawal
Nicotine withdrawal can trigger a whole host of physical and psychological symptoms that leaves ex-smokers feeling both physically ill and mentally stressed and anxious.

Beat The Urge to Smoke

This is Why You Think You Love Smoking
Most smokers think they like smoking, but the truth about 'smoking pleasure' has little to do with enjoyment.

5 Minute Craving Busters
Even though the early days of smoking cessation can feel like non-stop cravings to smoke, the truth is most smoking urges last 5 minutes or less.

101 Things to Do Instead of Smoking
Sometimes the best thing we can do when craving a cigarette is to simply redirect our attention to something different and interesting. Nine times out of ten, the urge is gone within moments.

10 Things to Avoid When You Quit Smoking
Misconceptions about the nature of addiction and the process of quitting tobacco can set new ex-smokers up for failure. Use these tips to help you avoid common pitfalls.

Tips for Your First Smoke-Free Week
Practical tips to help you manage those first challenging days of smoking cessation.

Use This Checklist When You're Thinking About Lighting Up 
Nicotine withdrawal isn't easy for anyone, but this checklist of 7 tips will help you avoid lighting up when the urge to smoke hits.

Memorize 5 D-Words to Help You with Nicotine Withdrawal
These 5 tips will help you quickly decipher and respond in a healthy way to smoking urges as they come up during nicotine withdrawal.

Ex-Smoker Advice

Nicotine Withdrawal Tips from Successful Ex-Smokers
Get valuable advice on how to manage nicotine withdrawal from ex-smokers who have been through this phase of smoking cessation.

How Nicotine Withdrawal is Like Wrestling Alligators
Nicotine withdrawal isn't easy, but the signs of healing that start to emerge make it more manageable. Guest author Z shares his take on recovery.

How to Fill All of That Time You Used to Devote to Smoking
Distraction is a valuable tool for early smoking cessation. Ex-smoker Leslie offers tips on how to stay busy and power through smoking urges.

Inspirational Quit Stories

The Smoker in Our Heads
Early on in his quit, Kevin listened closely to that voice in his head telling him to smoke and redirected it. His advice will help you to that too.

Taking Back Control
Kevin shares how to decided to quit to how he stayed smoke-free in his inspirational quit story.

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