Why Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

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Why do you want to quit smoking? Beyond the obvious reasons of health and money saved, there are a multitude of other (mostly negative) influences on our lives caused by tobacco that make us want to quit smoking.

Our reasons are as varied as we are as people.

Listing out your reasons in as much detail as possible is a good motivator, and also makes for a great first entry in a quit journal.

Today's lesson provides you with reading material on why others have quit smoking, along with tips for creating your list of reasons and starting your quit journal.

Build the foundation for your quit program with knowledge and take things slow. Give yourself the time it takes to heal from nicotine addiction and you will find your way out of the maze that smoking puts us in, just as surely as others before you have.

How to Start Quitting Smoking

Create Your List of Reasons
From the biggest, most obvious reasons to the smallest, every item on this list should have personal meaning for you.

Start a Quit Journal
A short, daily entry in a quit journal will allow you to see progress and reinforce your resolve to stop smoking. Consider making the first entry in your journal a list of the reasons mentioned above.

5 Key Reasons to Quit Smoking
All smokers harbor the secret hope that they will be spared the disease and death that follows nicotine addiction, but the odds are not in their favor.

Personal Reasons 

The Pros and Cons of Smoking 
Most, if not all long-term smokers, have a love/hate relationship with cigarettes. In this account, smoking cessation forum member Zoe writes out her list of reasons as pros and cons.

20 Reasons Smoking Worried Me
All smokers know the nagging fear that smoking will make them sick. Here several ex-smokers share the worries that finally helped them quit for good.

Pat's List of Reasons for Quitting
Chances are, you'll identify with Pat's reasons for quitting. Think about which reasons you identify with and what you'd add to your own list.

7 Reasons I Liked Smoking; 50 Reasons I Hated It
This list of pros and cons of smoking, written by ex-smoker Jeff is heavily slanted and powerfully stated.

The Painful Reality of My Life as a Smoker
In his personal account about why he quit smoking, Deck lays out the truth about what tobacco has done to his life.

The Real Cost of Smoking
As smokers, we don't tend to pay attention to the health risks of smoking until they come knocking on the door.

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