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Race and Mental Health

Race and cultural identity play a significant role in your mental health. Learn more about how to support your mental health as well as ways to engage in advocacy for social justice.
Story time
The Importance of Representation in Books
BIPOC immigrant looking out window
Mental Health Challenges Experienced by Undocumented Immigrants
A photograph of an Indigenous woman with her three children.
Mental Health Effects of Racism on Indigenous Communities
How to practice gratitude this Thanksgiving
How to Practice Gratitude This Thanksgiving
Navigating difficult conversations
How to Navigate Difficult Conversations During the Holidays
Woman holding sign "Free the Children"
The Psychological Effects of Being in a Detention Center
Police Officer
The Psychology Behind Police Brutality
BIPOC woman on a scale
The Impact of Race and Racism on Eating Disorders
Mental health resources for U.S. Immigrants
Mental Health Resources for U.S. Immigrants
What Is Colorism?
LGBTQ couple stressed after an argument
Gaslighting: How It Affects Marginalized Folx
Some mental health issues are seen as shameful in Black communities.
Exploring the Mental Health Stigma in Black Communities
Black man crying while being consoled in group therapy
Systemic Racism Takes a Toll on BIPOC Mental Health
How to Rest and Recover While You Fight for Social Change
How to Navigate Your Own Privilege
What Is White Guilt?
A culturally sensitive therapist will understand you.
How to Find a Culturally Sensitive Therapist
The Psychology of Racism
diversifying friendships
Why It's Important To Diversify Your Friendships
woman wearing mask protesting
How to Stay Safe During a Protest
The Discrimination highlighted in a blue toned image.
How to Seek Support When Experiencing White Supremacist Harm
Effects of Collective Trauma on Everyday Life
Harassment in its Many Forms and Types
White Supremacy's Impact on Mental Health of BIPOC Folks
Mental health influencers
10 Black Mental Health Influencers to Follow
Black lives matter protest
10 Organizations That Support Racial Equality
stressed Black business woman
Racial Disparities Lead to Poor Mental Health Care for Black Americans
people of different races holding hands
Harmful Psychological Effects of Racial Stereotyping
Young woman in medical consultation with female doctor
Young African Americans With Poor Heart Health At Risk of Alzheimer's