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ReGain is our pick for Best for Couples because it is one of the few companies that is dedicated to couples therapy. The company's entire team of therapists specialize in relationship therapy, with some having doctorate degrees.

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Pros & Cons
  • Relatively affordable monthly subscription

  • All therapists are licensed

  • Exclusive focus on couples and relationships

  • Easy-to-use platform

  • Solid security measures to protect client data

  • Plan includes flexible, weekly sessions

  • Unlimited messaging with your therapist

  • Informative, well-designed website

  • No psychiatrists on staff

  • No therapist bios posted on website

  • Algorithms choose your therapist for you

  • No free trial available

  • No family therapy available

Key Facts
$240 to $320 per month
Is Insurance Accepted?
Communication Options
Audio, Live Chat, Messaging, Video Chat
HIPPA Compliant?
Is There an App?
Does it Accept HSA/FSA?
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We surveyed 100 users from each online therapy company and asked the companies to complete questionnaires. Then, we conducted comprehensive research with a psychotherapist.

Founded in 2016, ReGain is a relationship-focused online therapy company owned by Betterhelp. Because it focuses exclusively on couples therapy and relationship issues, all 8,000 therapists who work with the company have specialized training in this area. Like its parent company, ReGain is also set up to make couples counseling convenient and accessible for as many people as possible, offering multiple communication methods and flexible scheduling, all for a relatively affordable subscription price. 

With such a large staff, ReGain makes it easy to find a therapist who meets your needs, which is helpful if you don’t live in a place that has a lot of therapists located nearby, though it’s important to note that ReGain matches you with an algorithm. Like all online therapy companies with virtual sessions, it takes the hassle out of having to commute to an appointment.

ReGain's team did not respond to our questionnaire, despite being contacted multiple times. Parent company Betterhelp told us that its questionnaire responses were the same for all its subsidiaries, but this hindered our ability to gain as much insight into ReGain’s specific services and goals as we could with their competition. We had to rely exclusively on user survey data in order to assess the company.

Keep reading to see how ReGain stacks up against its online therapy competition.

First Impressions and Sign-up Process

When you arrive at ReGain’s website, you can’t help but notice how modern and sleek the page is, with an easy-to-navigate menu, clear text, and a giant “Get Started” button at the center.

ReGain Homepage

ReGain Homepage

The advice tab on the menu takes you to an extensive library of resources about strengthening and improving relationships, including blog posts and articles. All of these resources have been medically reviewed and/or fact-checked by clinically licensed therapists so you can feel confident that these materials are accurate and up to date. The FAQs tab also answers most questions you might have about ReGain’s therapy process, pricing, privacy measures, and therapist qualifications. 

The only big downside to the website is that there is no directory of therapist bios on the site, meaning that you don’t really get an idea of who the ReGain therapists are before you sign up. There are a few therapists featured on the “Reviews” tab, though. 

Once you decide to signup, the process is fairly simple.

Eighty-two percent of the users we surveyed said the signup process for ReGain was very good or excellent.

Simply click "Get Started" and choose whether you would like individual, couples therapy, or if you’re not sure. The good news is that if you’re not sure if you want your partner to join your therapy, you can always invite them at a later stage in the onboarding process or even after you begin therapy. 

You will then answer a series of questions about yourself, your goals for therapy, and what issues you’re currently experiencing in your relationship. There are questions about whether you want to focus on conflict resolution skills, infidelity recovery, improving communication, parenting, or even separation mediation. You’ll also let ReGain know whether you have any preferences for who your therapist is, such as whether you want to work with a man or a woman, a religious therapist, or a younger or older therapist. 

Once your email is verified, you’ll pay for services and provide emergency contact information; then you’re able to log in to your account, where you’ll see your personal room. This is where you’ll be able to message your therapist going forward. If you didn’t invite your partner during signup, you’ll be able to do so from this room whenever you want.

The algorithm will match you with your therapist, which is different than at many of the other 33 companies we reviewed. This matching usually happens within 24 hours, though it occasionally takes longer. 

According to the users we surveyed:

  • Thirty-seven percent said they heard from their therapists on the same day.
  • Twenty-eight percent it took one to two days.
  • Twenty-five percent said they heard from their therapists later the same week.
  • And 9% reported that it took one to two weeks to first hear from their new therapists.


ReGain, like its parent company, only offers one subscription, which ranges in price depending on where you live, your preferences, and your therapist’s qualifications. You won’t know your exact subscription cost until you begin the sign-up process. 

Seventy-seven percent of the ReGain users we surveyed said the subscription costs were either very good or excellent.

ReGain's Prices

What Subscription Plans Does It Offer?

Unlike some of ReGain’s competitors, there is only one subscription plan at ReGain, which costs between $240 and $320 per month depending on who you’re matched with and where you live. 

The plan is all-inclusive, however, which is also different from its competitors. With your plan, you can discuss your relationship issues individually with your therapist or invite your partner at any time, without the price changing. You also have unlimited messaging with your therapist in a shared chat room, as well as the ability to schedule weekly live phone or video sessions. 

Is There a Free Trial?

There is no free trial offered.

Does ReGain Accept Insurance?

ReGain is not in-network with any health insurance plan, although if you want to try to seek partial reimbursement, the company will provide a detailed receipt for you to submit to your insurer.  

Can You Change or Cancel Your Subscription?

You can add your partner at any time. You can also cancel your subscription at any time before the next billing period. 

Are There Discounts Available?

There are special discounts available for certain groups, such as military veterans or college students like some of the other companies we reviewed offer. However, it is possible to find discounts off your first month with a promo code. 

If you are facing financial hardships and cannot afford the regular rate, you can apply for financial assistance during signup.

Ease of Use

ReGain is a very user-friendly platform. Once you’ve logged into your account online or in the app, you’ll have access to a private portal where you can communicate with your assigned therapist.

Sessions with your ReGain therapist take place via:

  • Live 30- or 45-minute video call
  • Live 30- or 45-minute phone call

You also have access to unlimited messaging through the private chat room with your therapist.

You can easily book your live sessions through your private portal by selecting a time from the availability listed on the calendar. While scheduling, you can indicate whether you want to talk via live video or phone call—though you can always change your mind when you begin the session.

Eighty-four percent of the users we surveyed said the platform was either very good or excellent in terms of user-friendliness.

Your therapist will decide whether to book you for 30 minutes or 45 minutes when they confirm your appointment time, though you can let your therapist know through the messaging platform, if you have a preference for one or the other. As long as the therapist has the available time, they will book based on your preference. 

All you have to do to start your session is log online or in the app at the time, and your therapist will initiate the session. Eighty-one percent of surveyed users thought the video quality for these live sessions was very good or excellent. If you need to reschedule or cancel your session for any reason, you can easily do that in the app or your online portal at any time.

Eighty-five percent of surveyed users reported that the speed at which they heard a response from the therapist was either very good or excellent.

If you choose to write to your therapist, the frequency with which they will respond will depend on who you work with. From ReGain’s website, it is unclear whether a therapist is required to respond to you within a certain time frame and they did not respond to our questionnaire asking for more information on this process. Still, of the users we surveyed, very few had an issue in this regard.

Therapists' Qualifications and Quality of Care

Of the users we surveyed, 89% said that therapists’ qualifications were an important reason why they chose to sign up for ReGain, and it seems like most are content with the quality of therapists at the company.

Eighty-six percent of users said they found the therapists’ qualifications to be either very good or excellent.

This is likely because ReGain offers a network of thousands of licensed therapists with specialized training in handling relationship issues with their clients. Some ReGain therapists have masters degrees, while others have PhDs. 

One downside of ReGain is that you’re not able to choose your therapist for yourself. Instead, the company chooses one for you, based on their availability and your therapy goals. While you can’t read through therapist bios on the homepage, this didn’t appear to be a significant issue for the users we surveyed.

Ninety-eight percent of surveyed users said they were very satisfied or satisfied with the therapist options provided by ReGain.

This satisfaction rating was one of the highest of any of the 33 online therapy companies we reviewed. We believe this high satisfaction rating is likely because it’s very easy to switch therapists if you’re unhappy with who the company pairs you with when you sign up. All you have to do is log into your account and click “Change counselor,” and you’ll be able to find someone new. 

From our survey, it does appear that users do switch therapists a few times before finding someone they like:

  • Only 6% had seen only one therapist.
  • Thirty-five percent of surveyed users reported having seen two different therapists.
  • Thirty-two percent told us they'd seen three therapists.
  • Twenty-seven percent had seen four or more.

It is possible, however, that people switch therapists a few times because they, as a couple, cannot agree on who they want to work with.  

Because ReGain didn’t respond to our questionnaire, we did not obtain answers about how long therapists generally stay with the company and do not know how much turnover is an issue for clients when it comes to continuity of care.

Types of Therapy Offered

ReGain specializes in relationship therapy, so even if you choose to sign up alone, the focus of the therapy you’ll receive at ReGain will be on your relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Each therapist used a slightly different therapeutic approach, so therapy could vary depending on who you’re matched with. Some therapists might use the Gottman method, for example, while others might utilize solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT).

In general, though, ReGain therapists will focus on the following with you:

  • Improving conflict resolution skills
  • Improving communication skills
  • Resolving parenting conflicts
  • Resolving intimacy issues
  • Preventing separation or divorce
  • Overcoming adultery
  • Setting boundaries in relationships
  • Tackling dating issues
  • Recovering from a divorce or breakup

Since the focus of ReGain is on relationships, the company does not offer psychiatry or medication management.

Privacy Policies

ReGain and its parent company Betterhelp puts a lot of care into protecting their client’s personal information and data and they detail these measures in the FAQs section of their website. 

Because the company doesn’t work with insurance companies, nothing you tell your therapist is shared or reported. You also have a “Shred” button in your messaging platform if you want to delete a message you sent and no longer want it to be visible. Your messages are also secured and encrypted by banking-grade 256-bit encryption.

ReGain’s servers are distributed across multiple Tier-4 AWS Data Centers for optimal security and protection and their databases are encrypted and scrambled so that they are useless if they were ever stolen. 

If you want any of your records to be released to a third party, you can notify your therapist who will provide you with a form to fill out and sign. Once the form is returned, your therapist can send you the requested information.

When you sign up, you provide emergency contact information. Your therapist will use this contact if they ever fear that you are a threat to yourself or others.

Overall Client Satisfaction

Seventy-seven of the users we surveyed said that ReGain’s services were either very good or excellent, while 76% said ReGain’s value was very good or excellent for the money spent. 

Eighty-three percent of surveyed users that had tried another online therapy service said ReGain was either better or much better than their previous service.

ReGain does appear to do a pretty good job keeping its subscribers. According to our survey:

  • Twenty-one percent had been using the service three to six months.
  • Thirty percent were clients of between six and 12 months.
  • Twenty-six percent had been using it for one to two years.

In addition, 90% said it was very likely or likely that they’d still be seeing a ReGain therapist 12 months from now.

Ninety-five percent of surveyed users said that they were either likely or very likely to recommend someone like them to ReGain.

Is ReGain Right For You?

While several other online therapy platforms offer couples therapy as an option, ReGain is one of the few that focuses exclusively on this topic. As a result, the company might be right for you if you are having relationship issues, if you and your partner are looking for couples therapy, or if you’d find it difficult to go to couples therapy in person due to cost or location.

ReGain also allows you to message your therapist 24/7, which enables you to communicate with your therapist outside of the session. This might be advantageous to you (and your partner) if you find it difficult to remember what happened during the week if you simply have weekly sessions, or if you like having a paper trail.

Some ReGain therapists, for example, might use the messaging platform as a way to ask you to reflect on your session each week to make sure you come back to issues you want to address later on. 

The service might be better for you than some of the other companies we reviewed if you’re not sure when you want to invite your partner to join your sessions because it allows you to start on your own if you wish. 

It is worth noting that ReGain’s sessions are 30 or 45 minutes, whereas some private practice therapists might offer you sessions that last one and a half hours to give couples more time to open up and both have the time to talk. As a result, it’s possible that you might not be able to dive as deep into some of your issues each week in a shorter session. It might also not work as well for you if your partner or you struggle with opening up. 

ReGain is not the service for you if you have other mental health issues besides relationship problems. If that's the case, you might be better served by a more general online therapy company, such as Talkspace or Betterhelp. 

The company is also not for you if you live with active addiction, severe depression, or need medication management services. It is not appropriate for domestic violence situations or if you are in crisis. It is also not an emergency service, so it is not appropriate for people struggling with suicidal or homicidal thoughts.

ReGain vs. Talkspace

ReGain and Talkspace are both large, well-known online therapy companies that connect users with thousands of licensed therapists. They both offer convenient and relatively affordable services where clients can meet with and communicate with their therapist entirely online via messaging platforms, audio calls, or live video.

The two companies do differ in their focus. Talkspace positions itself as an all-around therapy company: It offers individual talk therapy, couples counseling, teen counseling, and psychiatry. ReGain, meanwhile, focuses entirely on relationship issues, allowing clients to either sign up individually or as part of a couple.

Talkspace also offers a variety of subscription plans and accepts health insurance for many of its services to help keep costs low. ReGain only offers one subscription plan, though it comes standard with live sessions.

Price-wise, both companies are similar, offering plans that vary in price a little depending on where you’re based:

  • Talkspace’s plans range from $260 to $400 a month, with psychiatry costing extra.
  • ReGain’s plans range from $240 to $360 a month.

ReGain’s plan is more affordable than the equivalent Talkspace couples therapy plan, which includes weekly sessions if you are paying out-of-pocket without insurance.

Both companies have well-designed websites with detailed FAQ sections and additional resources. 

Price Comparison

Both have you fill out an intake questionnaire to gauge your therapy goals and therapist preferences. Talkspace will use this information to make suggestions for therapists, but you ultimately get to choose who you want to work with. ReGain, meanwhile, assigns someone to you. Both companies are HIPAA compliant and take care to keep your private information and therapy sessions secure. 

When it came to customer satisfaction among the users we surveyed, ReGain generally did better, likely because it focuses on delivering one type of therapy well:

  • Seventy-seven percent of ReGain users said the services were either very good or excellent, whereas only 69% of Talkspace users said the services were either very good or excellent. 
  • Ninety-five percent of ReGain users—vs 93% of Talkspace users—said they were either likely or very likely to refer someone to the respective company.
  • Ninety percent of ReGain users said they were very likely or likely to still be seeing a therapist from the company 12 months from now; a close 88% of Talkspace users said the same. 

Of the users we surveyed that had tried other therapy services, 83% of ReGain users said that services were either better or much better than the services at the companies they used before. In contrast, only 76% of Talkspace users reported the same. 

Final Verdict

ReGain makes couples therapy more accessible, affordable, and convenient than traditional therapy. This makes it a great choice for someone who is struggling in their relationship or who is looking for a way to more easily incorporate couples therapy into their busy schedule.

All therapists are licensed and some even have doctorate degrees, so you can rest assured that you’re getting access to quality professionals, even if you don’t pick them yourselves.

However, you might be able to get longer sessions (up to 90 minutes) with traditional in-office couple’s therapy sessions, so it is possible that you might find ReGain's sessions a little too short, especially if your partner or you struggle to open up about your issues. 


Our methodology for evaluating online therapy companies is comprehensive and data-driven. To fairly and accurately review the best online therapy programs, we sent questionnaires to 33 companies and surveyed 100 current users of each. This allowed us to directly compare services offered by gathering qualitative and quantitative data about each company and its users’ experiences.

Specifically, we evaluated each company on website usability, sign-up process, subscription offerings, client privacy protections, and how easy it is to change therapists. We then looked at therapist qualifications, the types of therapy offered, quality of care, client-therapist communication options, session length, and the therapist assignment process. Finally, we looked at cost, value for money, whether the companies take insurance, overall user satisfaction, and the likelihood clients would recommend them.

By Mary K. Tatum, MS, LMHC
Mary is a licensed mental health counselor and psychotherapist with 15 years of experience working in the psychology field. She earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Bluefield College and a Master of Science in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University. She began in social work and then moved to drug rehab settings, working as a therapist, group facilitator, and clinical director. She specializes in family dynamic systems, trauma recovery, improving resilience, addiction recovery, and the psychology of successful business management.

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