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Self-Improvement Tips From The Verywell Mind Podcast

We're always looking to better ourselves, physically, mentally, and everything in between—but change is tough. With the right outlook, realistic goals, and tried and tested methods, anyone can take those first steps toward lasting change.

On these episodes of The Verywell Mind Podcast with Amy Morin, LCSW, you'll find expert self-improvement strategies and helpful tips from authors, mental health professionals, and celebrities on how to make positive change in your life, whether you're looking to sustain long-term adjustments or are simply hoping to feel a bit better today.

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daniel pink
The Power of Regret With Bestselling Author Daniel Pink
being less judgmental
Friday Fix: A Quick Trick for Becoming Less Judgmental
stop people pleasing
Friday Fix: How to Stop Being a People-Pleaser
Amishi Jha
How to Improve Your Attention Span With Professor Amishi Jha
how to get yourself in the best emotional state
Friday Fix: How to Get Yourself in the Best Emotional State
Why you should develop your own personal mantra
Why You Should Develop a Personal Mantra
Katy Milkman
Psychological Tricks for Creating Lasting Change With Professor Katy Milkman
does quitting mean you're weak
Friday Fix: Does Quitting Mean You’re Weak?
Justin Baldoni
Undefining Masculinity With Author and Actor Justin Baldoni
Mark Goulston
Benefits of Becoming a Better Listener With Psychiatrist Mark Goulston
Stop sabotaging yourself
Friday Fix: How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself
An illustration of a woman taking a picture with her phone, reading a book and riding her bike
4 Simple Strategies That Can Help You Live in the Moment
Kristin Neff
How to Develop Fierce Self-Compassion With Bestselling Author Kristin Neff
Writing a letter to yourself. Woman writing a letter on the floor.
The Letter Everyone Should Write to Themselves
friday fix, talking to yourself in 3rd person
Friday Fix: Try Talking to Yourself in the Third Person
mental health mistakes to avoid after pandemic
7 Mental Health Mistakes to Avoid As We Emerge From the Pandemic
Kendall Toole, Episode 58 of The Verywell Mind Podcast
Making Mental Health a Priority With Peloton Instructor Kendall Toole
Mike Bayer, Episode 58 of The Verywell Mind Podcast
How to Make Your Decisions Easier With Life Coach Mike Bayer
Ways to Reduce Screen Time Friday Fix on The Verywell Mind Podcast With Amy Morin
3 Realistic Strategies for Reducing Your Screen Time
How to Stay Curious and Get Creative With Latin Music Producer Motiff
Danica McKellar
How to Reinvent Yourself With Author and Actress Danica McKellar