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Smoking-Related Diseases

At least 70 chemicals in tobacco smoke are known to cause cancer. Discover the health risks of the thousands of other chemicals found in cigarette smoke.
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9 Risks of Smoking During Pregnancy
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Smoking Statistics From Around the World
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Health Facts and Statistics About Cigarette Smoking
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9 Ways Smoking Affects Your Skin
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Why Mainstream Smoke Is so Harmful
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Important Facts and Statistics about COPD
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How Does Smoking Cause Atherosclerosis?
Stories From People With Smoking-Related Diseases
Smoking Kills on a Cigarette Box
25 Disturbing Global Smoking Facts
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This Is What COPD Looks Like in the Lungs
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I Lost My Mom to COPD - Donna's Story
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5 Important Tips That Will Help You Protect Your Heart
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12 Ways to Relieve Insomnia When You Quit Smoking
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Health Risks and Diseases of Smoking
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How Secondhand Smoke Hurts Children
Links Between Smoking and Degenerative Disc Disease
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The Unique Dangers of Smoking for Women