6 Social Anxiety Disorder Blogs Worth Visiting

These social anxiety blogs focus on the lives and thoughts of the authors or are written by authorities on the topic of social anxiety disorder (SAD). Many of the blogs included have a strong personal voice, which helps make their stories come alive. Reading about others' experiences with social anxiety may also help you cope with your own difficulties.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Kyle McDonald, the writer behind Overcoming Social Anxiety, is a registered psychotherapist with over 15 years of clinical experience helping people manage their social anxiety, social phobias, and shyness.

His weekly blog is made up of a collection of the latest research on SAD and includes strategies on how to overcome social anxiety. This blog also has a free social anxiety test so readers can assess the ways social phobia impacts their lives in various situations. Readers also have access to a free e-book full of real stories and practical tips from a social anxiety survivor's perspective.

Diary of a Social Phobic

If you are interested in more of a journal-style format, Diary of a Social Phobic may be the blog for you. Written by Gemma, a 20-something student from Scotland, this blog chronicles her life living with social anxiety disorder and depression. Not only is she refreshingly real about her struggles with both conditions, but she also highlights strategies she's found helpful throughout her journey.

The Social Phobic

The Social Phobic is one of those blogs that reads like a diary, and in doing so, draws you into the experiences of the author and leaves you wondering what comes next. As a result, this blog attracts comments from readers to which the author, Nick, readily responds, making the diary come alive.

National Social Anxiety Center Blog

The National Social Anxiety Center (NSAC) is a national association of regional CBT centers and certified cognitive therapists offering evidence-based treatment services for social anxiety, performance anxiety, and shyness. The NSAC blog is updated monthly and provides practical tips on how to manage SAD in different situations. It also utilizes a variety of formats, including text and video, to educate people on how best to overcome their social anxiety and live their lives more fully.

Socially Speaking

Socially Speaking is run by Marla Genova, who may be best known as the girl who walked through Disney World wearing a t-shirt that said, "Ask me about my social anxiety." In addition to blogging about how she won her battle with SAD (and a bit about the strategies she used to do so), Marla runs a social performance and anxiety coaching business where she helps people overcome their fear of public speaking.

Free From Social Anxiety

Created by Barbara, an ex-social anxiety sufferer, Free From Social Anxiety documents how she used self-help resources to overcome her struggles. Not only is it full of courses and guides to help you along your journey, but it also has a free social anxiety test so you can check the severity of your symptoms.

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