7 Social Anxiety Disorder Blogs Worth Visiting

These social anxiety blogs focus on the lives and thoughts of the authors or are written by authorities on the topic of social anxiety disorder (SAD). Many of the blogs included have a strong personal voice, which helps make their stories come alive. Reading about others' experiences with social anxiety may also help you cope with your own difficulties.


Overcoming Social Anxiety with Kyle McDonald

Overcoming Social Anxiety Blog
Overcoming Social Anxiety Blog. Overcoming Social Anxiety

Kyle McDonald is a registered psychotherapist with over 15 years of clinical experience. He has a particular interest in clients with social anxiety, abuse, trauma, and shyness, and his blog covers topics such as " How To Talk To Someone About Your Social Anxiety," "How Social Anxiety Affects Intimacy," and " Why Being Kind Makes You Feel Better."


Diary of a Social Phobic

Diary of a Social Phobic Blog
Diary of a Social Phobic Blog. Diary of a Social Phobic

Diary of a social phobic is written by Gemma, a 20-something student from Scotland. Gemma suffers from both social anxiety disorder and depression and hopes that her blog will help to shed some light on what it is like to live with mental health issues. She is also open to questions from her readers. This blog reads like the title says: a diary. Some of her posts include "Social Anxiety Disorder: A Day in the Life (University)," "Social Anxiety on This Morning — wE’Re AlL mAd HeRe," and "So I’m Back…From Outer Space…."


Beating Social Anxiety

Beating Social Anxiety Blog
Beating Social Anxiety Blog. Beating Social Anxiety

Note that this blog has not been updated since 2012. However, in older posts, Ileana writes about her experiences with social anxiety and her focus on therapy instead of medication for overcoming SAD. It is still a good place to read about issues and topics surrounding social anxiety disorder, and the archives are great for reading about Ileana's process of recovery.


The Day I Tried to Live

The Day I Tried to Live Blog
The Day I Tried to Live Blog. The Day I Tried to Live

This is another oldish blog that was last updated in 2007. However, what this blog lacks in regular posts it makes up for in the depth of postings and the archives of thoughtful examinations of social anxiety. It's still worth a visit.


The Social Phobic

The Social Phobic Blog
The Social Phobic Blog. The Social Phobic

This is one of those blogs that reads like a diary, and in doing so, draws you into the experiences of the author and leaves you wondering what comes next. As a result, this blog attracts comments from readers to which the author, Nick, readily responds, making the diary come alive.


Social Anxiety Institute Blog

Social Anxiety Institute Blog
Social Anxiety Institute Blog. Social Anxiety Institute

This blog has fairly infrequent posts; however, it's still a key blog in the social anxiety arena, given that it's hosted by the Social Anxiety Institute, a well-known treatment center for the disorder. Some of the most recent posts include "Social Anxiety Groups That Work," "Be Kind to Yourself as You Heal," and "Surprise! If You Stick With It, It Works!"


National Social Anxiety Center Blog

This blog from the National Social Anxiety Center is updated monthly and gives practical tips on how to manage different situations in life with SAD. Examples of recent blog posts include "Social Anxiety: Imperfect is the New Perfect," "Supporting a Friend With Social Anxiety," and "Social Anxiety and Small Talk: The Nuts and Bolts of Making Conversation."

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