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Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

If you're coping with social anxiety disorder, you aren't alone. These resources will help you manage your anxiety in social situations and relationships.
Talking badly to yourself can worsen test anxiety.
Symptoms and Diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder
Woman looking away, unhappy
The Best Treatments for Social Anxiety Disorder
Coping with social anxiety disorder
Coping With Social Anxiety: The Best Self-Help Strategies
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Social Anxiety Disorder in Children
Panic attacks may come on suddenly
How to Manage Your Body During a Panic Attack
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Overgeneralization and Social Anxiety
Different cultures have different reflections of social anxiety.
Cultural Differences in Social Anxiety Disorder
Stop smoking to reduce anxiety in the long run.
5 Bad Health Habits That May Increase Social Anxiety
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8 Things People With Social Anxiety Crave
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Differences Between Shyness and Social Anxiety Disorder
The history of SAD spans many decades.
A Brief History of Social Anxiety Disorder
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Passive Communication and Social Anxiety
Upset woman sitting on couch alone at home
Maladaptive Behaviors and Social Anxiety Disorder
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5 Persistent Myths About Social Anxiety Disorder
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Negative Automatic Thoughts and Social Anxiety
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Link Between Behavioral Inhibition and Social Anxiety
Socially anxious people tend to date less.
Rational Responses and Social Anxiety
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Mental Health Awareness Charity Runs or Walks
A girl standing separate from a group with her arms folded.
Social Anxiety Disorder - Diagnosis and Self Help
Avoidant personality disorder can lead to isolation.
Avoidant Personality Disorder: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment
Self-esteem can be built through experiences.
How Self-Esteem Affects Social Anxiety Disorder
Paruresis is the fear of using public toilets.
Paruresis is the Fear of Using Public Toilets
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How to Avoid Aggressive Communication If You Have SAD
Panic attacks may come on suddenly.
The Cycle of Panic in Social Anxiety Disorder
Impostor syndrome can be related to perfectionism.
Imposter Syndrome: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment
The spotlight effect is experienced as part of social anxiety.
The Spotlight Effect and Social Anxiety
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How to Deal With Blushing When You Have SAD
African American woman covering face with hands
Do You Want to Be Invisible and Hide From People?
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Why Do People With Social Anxiety Disorder Shake?
Brain scans, MRI scans
How Brain Imaging Helps Explain Social Anxiety Disorder
A doctor explains test results to a patient.
Mini-Social Phobia Inventory (Mini-SPIN)
Hormones can influence social anxiety
The Effect of Hormones on Your Social Anxiety
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Profile of the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale
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Understanding Why You're Afraid of People
Questionnaires can be used to assess social anxiety.
Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale
Woman filling out a survey
Profile of the Social Avoidance and Distress Scale