Social Anxiety Disorder Quiz

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This quiz will help you to learn whether your symptoms are consistent with social anxiety disorder (SAD). The quiz is completely confidential and anonymous; your results are not recorded; and are available only to you. You will not be asked for any personal identifying information. 

The quiz is based on the criteria for social anxiety disorder outlined in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (L-SAS), the Social Phobia Inventory (SPIN), and the National Institute of Mental Health's Social Phobia booklet were also used as resources in preparing the quiz questions.

This quiz is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis. Please consult your doctor about your symptoms.

Anxiety Symptoms

For the purposes of this quiz, examples of anxiety symptoms include blushing, sweating, fast heartbeat, shaking, shortness of breath and/or nausea.


For each of the following questions, choose between the responses "True" or "False" for you over the past month. For each "True" response score a "1" and for each "False" response score a "0."

  1. Are you afraid to do things in front of others such as eating, drinking or writing because of anxiety symptoms?
  2. Are you afraid to perform or speak in front of an audience because of anxiety symptoms?
  3. Are you afraid to meet new people, talk to strangers or attend social functions because of anxiety symptoms?
  4. Are you afraid to speak to people in authority because of anxiety symptoms?
  5. Are you afraid to be the center of attention because of anxiety symptoms?
  6. Are you afraid to use a public restroom because of anxiety symptoms?


Add up your scores for each question to obtain a total score. Then, find the description below that matches your score.

0: You have not reported any symptoms consistent with social anxiety disorder. However, you may still want to talk to your doctor about how you have been feeling if other things are bothering you. 

1–6: Your symptoms may be consistent with social anxiety disorder. Contact your doctor to determine whether you meet diagnostic criteria for SAD.

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