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Whether you're dating, in a relationship, or have been married for years, learn more about the lifelong challenge of maintaining successful romantic partnerships.

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feeling lonely in a relationship.
Why Are You Feeling Lonely in a Relationship?
Asian couple relaxing in the Japanese-style room at home
What Does It Mean to Be in an Exclusive Relationship?
Young couple arguing while having problems in their relationship
​​Coping With Someone Who Lies All the Time
Rear view of man carrying cardboard boxes towards van
How Do You Know When It's Time to Move in Together?
Shot of a young couple having a disagreement at home
What to Do When Your Partner Is Upset But They Won't Tell You Why
Back shot of a gay couple talking and sitting on desk in their living room.
Speaking About Erectile Dysfunction With Your Partner
Close-up of female couple kissing in bedroom at home
Angry Sex: Is It Healthy?
Conflicts in Marriage
What to Do If You or a Loved One Lack Empathy
Couple laughing together on couch
Intimacy in Relationships: What It Is and How to Cultivate It
Side view of sad woman sitting on floor in bedroom
Sexual Aversion Disorder: Signs, Causes, and Treatment
Photos showing a young couple experiencing difficulties in their relationship
How Fear of Commitment Can Impact Your Relationship
Lesbian couple embracing in front of home
Sexual Attraction: How It Happens and What Affects It
Sad Black woman sitting on bed
Female Sexual Arousal Disorder: What It Is, Symptoms and Treatments
Shot of a happy young couple sharing a romantic moment in the bedroom at home
What Is Sexual Anxiety and How Can You Cope?
First person perspective of couple in Bed
What To Know About Hypersexuality
Sad depressed african woman hugging pillow lying in bed alone
Sexual Frustration: Where It Comes From and How to Deal
The mid adult woman listens carefully and seriously to her unrecognizable husband as he shares his ideas about their new home.
How to Respond When Your Partner Experiences Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Close-up young women talking, while sitting in bunk bed
Hearing vs. Listening: What's the Difference?
Affectionate young man kissing woman while holding hand in bedroom
10 Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive
Husband and wife in front of home
What's the Difference Between Lust and Love?
Shot of a young couple having an argument while sitting on their couch at home
Is Your Emotional Attachment Style Healthy?
couple in relationship having difficulties
Infantilization: What It Means and How to Recognize It
Mother Comforting her Mixed Race Daughter
'I Hate My Family:' What to Do If You Feel This Way
Young couple sitting on couch
Here's What to Do If Your Partner Has Different Political Views Than You
Upset depressed young woman holding wedding ring indoors
What to Do If Your Partner Doesn't Want to Get Married
Warm toned portrait of modern young couple talking to each other sincerely while sitting on floor in cozy home interior, copy space
Your Relationship Might Be Salvageable, Consider These 9 Things Before Breaking Up
Young Asian businesswoman working late and checking work email on mobile at home
Here's How to Cope When You've Convinced Yourself That Everyone Hates You
Red flags in relationships
10 Red Flags in Relationships
Couple in bed not facing each other.
What to Do When You No Longer Have Romantic Feelings for Your Partner
Benefits of vulnerability in relationships
Why Vulnerability in Relationships Is So Important
Common dating dealbreakers
Choosing Your Dating Dealbreakers as Delicately as You Would Your Fruit
husband and wife embracing on the couch
Things to Consider Before Remarrying
Illustration of The Gottman Method's Sound Relationship House theory
What Is the Gottman Method?
A serious woman looking out a window while her boyfriend hides behind a newspaper
What to Do If You and Your Spouse Are Growing Apart
Cheerful couple on a date at a restaurant
How to Start Dating After Divorce
Man by the window
How to Handle Moving Out After a Breakup
A couple having a civil but engaging argument
How Fighting Can Improve Your Relationship
Black man and woman looking out onto a pier
How to Talk About Your Values in a Relationship
Adult couple in bed with man cheating through phone and chat messages
How to Stop Lying
Portrait of smiling young woman talking to her boyfriend in a restaurant
How Flirting Is Good for Your Health and Well-Being
What To Do If You Feel Unwanted In A Relationship
What to Do If You Feel Unwanted In a Relationship
Group of friends making toast in restaurant at night
Jealousy: Characteristics, Causes, and Coping Mechanisms
Married couple talks to counselor about relationship
What Is Premarital Counseling?
Lust vs. love
What Is Lust?
A couple together in a pub
Are You an Introvert Dating an Extrovert?
Young couple having relationship difficulties in the bedroom
What to Do When Your Relationship Has No Chemistry
Tips to rekindle a relationship
How to Rekindle a Relationship
Worried young man reading bad news on smart phone
How to Fall Out of Love With Someone
Sad woman lying in bed wearing white and lying on white sheets.
How To Be Less Clingy In Relationships
Ways to practice ethical non-monogamy
What Is Ethical Non-Monogamy?
Ways to talk to your partner about depression
How to Talk to Your Partner About Your Depression
How to make your relationship stronger
7 Surprising Ways to Make Your Relationship Even Better
What to know if you're dating an introvert
What You Need to Know if Your Partner Is an Introvert
Codependency causes one partner to lose sight of their values.
How to Stop Being Codependent
A woman in handcuffs practicing BDSM
The Potential Health Benefits of BDSM
5 love languages
What Are the Five Love Languages?
Physical touch love language
What Is the Physical Touch Love Language?
male and female hands holding coffee cups
How the Quality Time Love Language Impacts Your Relationship
Doing Laundry
How to Use Acts of Service in Your Relationship
young guy whispering to young girl
Tips for Using Words of Affirmation in the Workplace

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