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Whether you're dating, in a relationship, or have been married for years, learn more about the lifelong challenge of maintaining successful romantic partnerships.

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How to make your relationship stronger
7 Surprising Ways To Make Your Relationship Even Better
What to know if you're dating an introvert
What You Need to Know if Your Partner Is an Introvert
Codependency causes one partner to lose sight of their values.
How to Stop Being Codependent
A woman in handcuffs practicing BDSM
The Potential Health Benefits of BDSM
5 love languages
Everything You Need to Know About the Five Love Languages
Physical touch love language
What Is the Physical Touch Love Language?
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How the Quality Time Love Language Impacts Your Relationship
Doing Laundry
How to Use Acts of Service in Your Relationship
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Tips for Using Words of Affirmation in the Workplace
Gifts love language
What the Receiving Gifts Love Language Means for a Relationship
How to get over someone
11 Steps to Moving On After You Get Your Heart Broken
Maintaining a healthy relationsip
Are You In a Healthy Relationship?
Unhappy couple sitting in a living room
Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?
A couple hugging playfully in their new home
What Is an Open Relationship?
counselor advising young lesbian couple at their home
Everything You Need to Know About Relationship Counseling
texting in relationships
How to Text in a Healthy Way
What Is Unrequited Love?
off neon sign saying "help" hanging from a building facade in an urban setting
The Best Places to Get Relationship Advice Online
Couple taking selfie
Why More Millennials Are Choosing to Not Get Married
Is work affecting how well you connect with your spouse?
Is Work Affecting How Well You Connect With Your Spouse?
stay married keep spark
How Couples Can Still Feel Like Newlyweds After Years of Marriage
girl leaving for college
Empty Nesters Miss Their During Different Moments at Home
couple relaxing together on sofa at home
Helpful Tips for Forgiving Your Spouse
Empty nesters having fun
Parents Need to Keep Planning to Stay Happy After an Empty Nest
effective complaining
How to Effectively Complain in Your Marriage
couple relaxing in the grass
Why Should You Have Sex More Often?
Couple embracing in kitchen whilst preparing meal
Why Are the First Two Years of Marriage So Important?
couple preparing food in kitchen at home
Interdependence Can Build a Lasting and Safe Relationship
Annoyed couple
What to Do When Your Spouse Refuses to See a Doctor
Couple having conversation in living room
Effective Conflict Resolution Skills Are Key to Less Relationship Stress
Couple sleeping in bed, embracing
Solutions for Sleeping Problems When Married Couples Share a Bed
Couple talking in kitchen
Discussing Feelings Is the Only Way to Develop a Strong Connection
How much sex do we need
How Much Sex Is Enough in a Marriage or Relationship?
simple love phrases
10 Loving Phrases That Can Keep You and Your Partner in Love
married to mama's boy
What Can You Do If Your Partner Has Boundary Issues With His Mother
man proposing
5 Signs You Should Put a Ring on It (STAT!)
headed for marriage
7 Sure-Fire Ways to Tell Your Relationship Is Headed for Marriage
Sad woman and man in a hallway
Living With Someone With Mental Illness
Man kissing, teasing woman over coffee
Infatuation Is Fun, but Long-term Is Lovely Too
surviving retirement
How to Stay Positive During the Transition of Your Husband's Retirement
Closeup of mid 20's couple having fun during dinner party. The guy is feeding his girls with some chopped fruit, both laughing.
7 Ways Men Can Grow Intimacy in Marriage
Couple using the Happy Couple app
Can an App for Couples Really Improve Your Relationship?
A couple with a little girl are sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a hot drink and refreshments.
Dating Sites That Cater to Single Parents
Senior woman placing flowers on grave in cemetery
Tips for Coping With the Life-Changing Loss of a Spouse
Couple hugging and kissing each other
6 Signs the Person You're Dating Wants to Get Married
couple on a trip
How to Stay Positive and Motivated in an Empty Nest
Intimacy in Marriage
Why You Should Ask Your Partner Questions to Build Intimacy
Lesbian couple relaxing on bed, hugging, laughing
How to Keep Your Sex Life Healthy After Marriage
Same sex couple spending with child
5 Signs You're Not Ready to Date a Single Parent
a happy senior couple
How to Successfully Crack the Code of Love
Empty nester happy
What Parents Can Look Forward to as Empty Nesters
Dating a single mom by the beach
8 Success Tips for Dating a Single Mom: How to Make It Work
stay connected to spouse
Use Simple and Small Gestures for Getting Connected to Your Spouse
Couple having picnic on beach
14 Things to Do As a Couple That Strengthen Your Relationship
a heart made of balloons
Triangular Theory and the 7 Types of Love
Affectionate brunette couple hugging at kitchen sink
Here Are Some Ways for You to Make Your Partner Feel Special
How to strengthen marriage and avoid divorce
Here Are Some Solid Ways to Strengthen a Marriage and Avoid Divorce
Communication Skills That Can Strengthen Any Relationship
Husband wins pillow fight
How to Deal With Peter Pan Syndrome
how to break up the right way
How You Can Make a Break up Go Much Smoother