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How Stress Impacts Your Health and Wellness

Excessive stress can have various negative impacts on your well-being. Discover the health conditions that stress can trigger and ways to prevent and control them.
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Can Stress Cause Cancer?
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What Is Allostatic Load?
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10 Signs You May Be Overstressed
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What Is Fatigue?
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What Are the Physiological Symptoms of Stress?
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How to Manage The Feeling of Life Being Out of Control
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What to Know About Acute Stress Disorder
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Why Am I Having Racing Thoughts at Night?
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What are the Mental Health Effects of Leaving Prison?
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How to Deal With Adult Bullying
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What Does It Mean When Someone Is In Denial?
A room with tips for mental health incorporated into the layout and interior design
How to Optimize Your Space For Your Mental Health
Cleaning the house
Mental Health Benefits of Cleaning and Decluttering
How your environment affects your mental health
How Your Environment Affects Your Mental Health
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Does Masturbation Affect Mental Health?
A demonstrator cries during a gathering to protest the recent death of George Floyd on May 31, 2020 in Seattle, Washington.
How to Stop Crying
Stressed out woman trying to work and deal with children.
How Does Prolonged Stress Impact Your Health?
mental health effects of reading negative comments online
Mental Health Effects of Reading Negative Comments Online
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Why Irritability Can Be a Symptom of a Mental Condition
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What To Know About Stress Cardiomyopathy
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Benefits of Yoga and Meditation in Communities of Color
Person sitting awake in bed with thought bubbles surrounding them.
Are You Overthinking? Here's How to Tell
Prison can take a serious toll on your mental health.
How Being In Prison Might Affect Your Mental Health
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What to Know About the Five Stages of Grief
People experiencing dysphoria lack enthusiasm about life.
What Is Dysphoria and How Is It Treated?
Tips for coping with sleep deprivation
What Is Chronic Sleep Deprivation?
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How You Can Improve Your Memory When Dealing With Stress
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What You Need to Know About the Stress Hormone
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Common Symptoms of too Much Stress
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The Link Between Stress and Hair Loss
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Decoding Your Fight or Flight Stress Response
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How Psychoneuroimmunology Sheds Light on Stress and Overall Health
Friendships are great for stress relief
Stress Relief: Best Practices for Women
Meditation at home
7 Alternative Treatments for High Blood Pressure
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Epinephrine's Role in Stress Response
Rumination can be stressful.
How Rumination Differs From Emotional Processing
What Is Anal Personality?
What Is an Anal Personality?
Sleep deprivation can make stress levels soar.
Stress and the Toll of Sleep Deprivation
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10 Things You Don't Know About Stress
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Can Stress Actually Take Years off Your Life?
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How Stress Can Cause Weight Gain
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Why You Emotionally Eat When You're Not Hungry
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How Stress Worsens Acne
Meditation can be grasped even by beginners.
How To Trigger Your Relaxation Response
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How You Can Help Your College Student With Homesickness
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Can Stress Management Techniques Reduce Your Headaches?
Women face stress at work, home, and other areas of life.
How Stressed Women Can Cope
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How Good Stress Can Add Excitement to Your Life
Simple Ways to Get Anger and Stress Under Control
Find out What New Findings of Research Say About Stress and Health
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Stress From Work and Money Can Damage Your Sex Life
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All About Catecholamines in the Stress Response
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How Can Positive Thinking Benefit Your Mind and Body?
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5 Ways You May Be Making Things Harder for Yourself
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How Can I Tell If My Stress-Related Illness Is Psychosomatic?
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How Is Stress Affecting My Health?
angry woman with crossed arms sitting on couch
Anger and Stress: Why It Is Important to Manage Them Both
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How to Care for Your Body When You Are Stressed in Life
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Is the 'Freshman 15' Due Entirely to Stress?
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Do You Have a Stress-Prone Personality?