Summer Camps for Kids With ADHD


Looking for a summer camp or summer program for your child? Here is a list of several summer options for children, teens, and young adults with ADHD.

ADHD Summer Camps and Programs

Achievement Center

Summer group therapy for kids ages 6 to 18.
Contact: Intake and Client Services Department
Phone: 814-459-2755
Locations: Erie, Corry, Meadville, and Warren in Pennsylvania

Alternative Community Resource Program

Summer program for children and teens ages 5 to 18 with ADHD.
Contact: ACRP Corporate Office
Phone: 814-535-2277
Location: Johnstown and Ebensburg in Pennsylvania

Brewster Academy
With academics, technology, adventure, arts, and leadership all rolled into one program, the Summer Session at Brewster Academy is both a school and an adventure. It's setting on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee offers an ideal environment for this small, intensive camp/school open to students ages 12 to 18.
Phone: 603-569-7400
Location: Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Camp Baker

Camp Baker is a six-week day camp. It is meant for children ages 6 to 12 with mild to moderate ADHD symptoms.
Phone: 617-278-4286
Location: Westwood, Massachusetts

Camp Excel

A specialized program for children with ADHD or other social skills challenges. Camp Excel is a comprehensive program that includes academics to promote growth and avoid regression over the summer, therapeutic activities to assist in making and keeping friends, sports to develop skills and build self-esteem, and recreational activities for fun. The summer program serves children ages 5 to 18. Camp Excel also offers young adult groups for individuals 19 and older to focus on relationships, employment, and social goals.
Phone: 732-282-0150
Location: Monmouth County and Bergen County in New Jersey

Camp Huntington
Camp Huntington is a co-ed, residential program for children and young adults ages 6 to 22 years with special learning and developmental needs. They serve campers with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, and other special needs.
Phone: 844-707-2267
Location: High Falls, New York

Camp Nuhop

Camp Nuhop is a residential summer camp for children ages 8 to 18 with learning disabilities, ADHD, and mood disorders.
Phone: 419-938-7151
Location: Perrysville, Ohio

Camp Ramapo

Camp Ramapo is designed for children ages 6 to 16 who are having difficulty building and maintaining healthy relationships with peers and adults. Campers are referred by parents, teachers, and mental health professionals.
Phone: 845-876-8403
Location: Rhinebeck, New York

Camp Sequoia

Camp Sequoia is an overnight summer camp for boys ages 7-17 who need help developing their social skills.
Phone: 610-771-0111
Location: Pennsburg, Pennsylvania

Charis Hills

Charis Hills is a Christian summer camp for kids and teens ages 7 to 18 with learning and social difficulties such as ADHD and autism.
Phone: 940-964-2145
Location: Sunset, Texas

Child Development Center's Summer Enrichment Program

The University of California Irvine's Child Development Center is a school that specializes in the treatment of children with ADHD and related behavioral and learning problems. They serve children from kindergarten to 8th grade. Their summer enrichment program teaches kids social skills and emotional regulation.
Phone: 949-824-2343
Location: Irvine, California

Cleveland Clinic Children's Summer Treatment Program

Cleveland Clinic offers a summer treatment program for children with ADHD ages 6 to 14. This award-winning program is the only program that was selected for a national Multimodal Treatment of ADHD (MTA) study that is funded by the National Institutes of Health as well as the U.S. Office of Education. More than 2,500 children have taken part in the program.
Contact: Michael Manos, Ph.D.
Phone: 216-444-0075
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Diamond Summer Program

This behavior modification program is divided into two camps. The first is Simcha Day Camp for boys in grades 1 to 7. The second is Camp Atara for girls of all ages. This program is designed to help kids with behavioral issues such as ADHD.
Email: and
Phone: 718-868-2300 x233 (Simcha campus) and 718-471-8444 x234 (Atara campus)
Location: Far Rockaway, New York

Eagle Hill School Summer Academic Program (Connecticut)

The summer academic day program at Eagle Hill School is designed for children experiencing academic difficulties. It is open to students ages 5 to 14. The summer program immerses youngsters in a language-focused environment specifically tailored to meet his or her needs.
Phone: 203- 622-9240
Location: Greenwich, Connecticut

Eagle Hill School Summer Session (Massachusetts)

Eagle Hill runs a five-week summer session for students ages 10 to 16 who have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities and/or ADHD.
Phone: 413-477-6000
Location: Hardwick, Massachusetts

Frontier Travel Camp

A summer camp alternative for teens and adults with special needs. Group travel allows campers to experience independence, improve social skills, and increase self-esteem in a secure and exciting environment. Frontier travelers must be at least 16 years old.
Phone: 866-750-2267
Location: Based in Miami, Florida with national and international travel options

The Gow School Summer Program

The Gow School offers a traditional summer school program experience for boys and girls ages 8 to 16. The 5-week session offers a specially designed curriculum for students who have experienced academic difficulties or have language-based learning disabilities, including dyslexia, central auditory processing disorder, and ADHD. Summer program participants can be day students or live on campus.
Phone: 716-687-2004
Location: South Wales, New York

Hallowell Summer Adventures: ADHD Summer Camp

Hallowell Summer Adventures is intended to support the whole family. Adults can attend ADHD-focused parenting seminars, while kids with ADHD and their siblings play at camp. Kids' activities focus on skills training, mindfulness, and outdoor adventure.The kids' camp is intended for children ages 8 to 18.
Phone: 781-820-0881
Location: Glen Arbor, Michigan

Hill Learning Center Summer Program

The Hill Learning Center's summer programs are designed for students with learning disabilities or ADHD. The lower school program serves kids in grades 1 to 6, while the middle/upper school program serves kids in grades 7 to 10. The lower school program provides daily instruction in reading, written language, and math in a 4:1 student-teacher ratio. The middle/upper school program instructs kids in grammar, math, and study skills with a 5:1 student-teacher ratio.
Phone: 919-489-7464, ext. 725
Location: Durham, North Carolina

Hillside School Summer Term

A structured, supportive and challenging summer experience for traditional and non-traditional learners in grades 7 through 12. Students can take stream-lined academic courses or a college preparatory course.
Phone: 818-790-3044
Location: Flintridge, California

Kentwood Preparatory Summer Program

The Kentwood Summer Camp Program is a branch of Kentwood Preparatory School, a school program catering toward children, teens, and their families who are not seeing success in the traditional school environments, socially, and/or at home.
Phone: 516-614-8453
Location: Lake Worth, Florida

Landmark College

Landmark College is one of the only accredited colleges in the U.S. designed exclusively for students with dyslexia, ADHD, or other specific learning disabilities. Summer programs include a high school program for rising juniors and seniors, the transition to college program for the college-bound high school graduate, and summer session for visiting college students.
Phone: 802-387-4767
Location: Putney, Vermont

Maplebrook School

Maplebrook School is a co-educational boarding and day school for students with learning differences and/or ADHD. Summer programs are available for children ages 10 to 15. Activities include camping trips, canoeing, ropes courses, sports, arts, music, and academic remediation. A vocational and independent living program for students age 16 and older is also available. This program allows older students to learn and earn by providing career counseling accompanied by experiential work internships. With guidance, students not only discover emerging career interests but also gain valuable workplace experience.
Location: Amenia, New York

NYU Summer Program for Kids

The Summer Program for Kids at NYU Langone is five-week therapeutic clinical program devoted exclusively to children with ADHD who are between the ages of 6 to 9.5 years old. The program is specifically designed to improve children’s social behavior, friendship skills, academic competence, problem-solving skills, self-esteem, classroom behavior, sports competence, rule-following, home behavior, and anger control. Parents are also taught specialized parenting skills to enhance parent-child relations.
Phone: 516-358-1811
Location: New York City, New York

Quest Therapeutic Camp

Campers range from 5 to 21 years of age and experience mild to moderate difficulties with behavior, emotions, or social skills. Quest campers may struggle to find stable relationships or consistently achieve their goals. They may have diagnoses of ADHD, anxiety, Asperger’s, depression, learning disabilities, or social problems.
Phone: 925-743-2900
Location: Danville, California

Round Lake Camp

A co-ed residential summer camp for children ages 7 to 17, a unique place for children with Asperger’s, ADHD, and mild social skill disorders. Educational activities are combined with recreation and socialization.
Phone: 570-296-8596 x145
Location: Milford, Pennsylvania


SOAR is a wilderness adventure program for youth with ADHD and learning disabilities and serves both males and females, ages 8 to 18. They offer programs in North Carolina, Wyoming, Florida, California, New York, Costa Rica, and Belize. SOAR utilizes the natural environment and adventure activities to work with students on personal goal attainment and to provide them with opportunities for success. SOAR encourages students to explore their incredible talents and gifts with the belief that their future is intertwined with these strengths and abilities.
Phone: 828-456-3435 (NC office) or 307-455-3084 (WY office)
Location: Camp programs available in North Carolina, New York Wyoming, Florida, California, Costa Rica, and Belize

Staten Island Mental Health Society

The Staten Island Mental Health Society offers a summer therapeutic program for children in the Staten Island area who have behavioral disorders.
Phone: 718-442-2225
Location: Staten Island, New York

Summit Camp

Summit Camp provides a summer camp experience for boys and girls ages 8 to 21 years old who have emotional challenges or learning disabilities. These may include ADHD, autism, speech disorders, and so on. Some campers may also have Tourette's syndrome, OCD, and/or mild mood issues.
Phone: 570-253-4381
Location: Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Summit Travel

Summit Travel represents the logical extension of the Summit camping program for teenagers ages 15 to 23. These teens may have outgrown the traditional camping experience but still require opportunities for structured and supervised social experiences and may need to transition to recreational opportunities of a more adult and "mainstream" nature. There are typically three travel opportunities each year. They can each be combined with a session at camp, which is recommended for "transitioning" campers.
Phone: 570-253-4381
Travel Tour Locations: Check the Summit website for current travel excursions.

Talisman Summer Camps and Programs

Talisman Programs offer summer camps for children ages 6 to 22 with learning disabilities, ADHD, and autism. Talisman provides parents with unique alternatives to ordinary summer camps and offers children with special needs a summer full of fun, adventure, and new learning experiences.
Phone: 828-697-6313
Location: Zirconia, North Carolina

Winston Preparatory School Summer Program

Winston Prep is a co-ed program offering individualized education for students with learning differences, including ADHD. Several campuses offer a summer enrichment program for students in 4th through 12th grade.
Email: (NY campus), (Long Island campus), (NJ campus), and (CT campus)
Phone: 212-496-8400 x2688 (NY campus), 631-779-2400 x2410 (Long Island campus), 973-500-6480 (NJ campus), and 203-229-0465 x5645 (CT campus)
Locations: New York City, NY, Long Island, NY, Whippany, NJ, and Norwalk, CT


Camp Kennebec

A non-competitive inclusive summer residence camp for kids with ADHD, learning disabilities, behavioral needs, and autism. It focuses on life and social skills for youth and young adults.
Phone: 613-335-2114
Location: Arden, Ontario

Camp Kirk

Camp Kirk is a small and friendly residential (overnight) summer camp that welcomes boys and girls ages 6 to 14 with ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism.
Phone: 705-438-1353 (summer office) or 416-782-3310 (off-season office)
Location: Kirkfield, Ontario

Camp Kodiak

Sports, drama, and socializing are more difficult for some children and teens than others. Camp Kodiak provides a unique program integrating neurodivergent children and teens ages 6 to 18 with mainstream campers for an exciting and enriching summer experience.
Phone: 905-569-7595
Location: McKellar, Ontario

Camp Towhee

Camp Towhee is a therapeutic residential program for children and adolescents ages 10 to 18 years with learning disabilities who experience social, emotional, and behavioral problems.
Phone: 416-603-1827 x5241
Location: Haliburton, Ontario

Camp Winston

Camp Winston provides residential summer camp programs for children with ADHD, learning disabilities, Tourettes, autism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The program is for campers ages 7 through 17 years.
Phone: 416-487-6229 (Toronto office) or 705-689-9096 (camp)
Location: Kilworthy, Ontario

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