The A - Z Of Social Anxiety Facts

Learning can sometimes start with a bowl of alphabet soup.
Learn about social anxiety from this alphabetical list. Getty / Peter Dazeley

Interested in learning more about social anxiety disorder (SAD)? Here is a fun way to do it. Below I've run through the alphabet from A to Z, and for each letter included a tidbit or fact that starts with that letter. In most cases there is a link to a longer article if you would like to read more on that topic.

A: Avoidance is your worst enemy. Learn what it is and what to do about it.

B: Beta blockers are sometimes prescribed for social anxiety. Medication can sometimes be combined with talk therapy to lead to better outcomes.

C: Chamomile is a natural herb that can help with relaxation when you have social anxiety.

D: Derealization or depersonalization is a feeling that your surroundings are not real, and can sometimes be a problem during extreme social anxiety.

E: Ecstasy (also known as MDMA) is a street drug that has been tested as a potential treatment for social anxiety among individuals with autism.

F: The fight-or-flight response refers to rush of adrenaline that fuels panic attacks in both social anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

G: GABA is a neurotransmitter in the brain known to regulate anxiety.

H: Hypnotherapy is sometimes used in the treatment of social anxiety disorder.

I: Interoceptive exposure involves eliciting physical symptoms of anxiety in a controlled setting, such as by spinning in a chair or breathing through a straw.

J: Journaling sometimes forms a part of treatment for social anxiety disorder.

K: Kava Kava is a plant used to prepare natural remedies for anxiety and other problems.

L: The Lake Meditation is one exercise taken from acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

M: Mindfulness can play a role in overcoming social anxiety and forms a part of ACT.

N: Neighbors can be a source of anxiety for those with SAD.

O: October is the month during which Mental Illness Awareness Week takes place.

P: Paxil is a well-known medication to treat social anxiety.

Q: Quotes about social anxiety abound! They come in many forms and from many famous people.

R: Rumination refers to repetitive thoughts. In the context of SAD, these thoughts are often negative appraisals of how one believes one is perceived by others in social and performance situations, and may occur during or after these events.

S: Serotonin is believed to play a role in the development and continuance of social anxiety, though scientists are still trying to understand the detailed aspects of the relationship.

T: Taijin Kyofusho (TKS) is a kind of social anxiety that exists in Japan and Korea. People with Taijin Kyofusho (TKS) are afraid that others are watching them and worry about offending other people.

U: In the United States, a person with social anxiety disorder can receive accommodations at work through the Americans with Disabilities Act.

V: Values form a core part of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), which is becoming a popular treatment for social anxiety disorder.

W: Winter cherry is an alternative medicine used to reduce anxiety.

X: Xanax is a benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety.

Y: Yellow as a color is believed to elicit anxiety. Whether true for you or not, you might want to avoid painting your rooms yellow just in case.

Z: Zack Greinke is a famous baseball player who was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and overcome his symptoms to achieve success.

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