The Best Mental Health Blogs of 2021

Whether you live with a mental health diagnosis, or even if you just want to make sure that you're on top of your mental health, there is a blog out there that can offer different perspectives and insights about whatever you might be going through.

We've rounded up different blogs, all of which are updated regularly, that are tailored to different mental health diagnoses. We've also included some blogs that offer mental health advice from a wide-ranging list of contributors so that you can find exactly what works best for you.

General Mental Health Blogs

These blogs cover a wide range of mental health topics such as depression, anxiety and COVID-related mental health issues.

Kati Morton

Handle: @katimorton

What They Discuss on Their Account: childhood trauma, PTSD

Kati Morton, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, has a very active Instagram account as well as a YouTube page.

Sometimes she hones in on one topic, like dealing with loneliness as a symptom of COVID-19, but she will also have lots of themes that she keeps coming back to, like dealing with childhood trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The National Alliance on Mental Wellness (NAMI)

Handle: @NAMICommunicate

What They Discuss on Their Account: trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, suicide prevention

NAMI runs a comprehensive blog that addresses lots of different topics. They address everything from the impact of stereotypes on mental health to suicide prevention, and even delve into mental conditions that aren't as frequently discussed, like Anosognosia.

The site also has lots of different contributors ranging from mental health experts, mental health writers, and individuals alike detailing their experiences in first-person essays.

Chiming In Blog from Mental Health America

Handle: @MentalHealthAmerica

What They Discuss on Their Account: mental health disorders, coping, trauma, PTSD

This blog comprises stories from their staff and volunteers in a range of topics. From posts about how to support family members returning to work, to dealing with COVID-19-related anxiety, they have you covered.

Blogs that Focus on Depression

While many of these blogs also focus on other diagnoses as well, they are primarily geared toward those dealing with depression. From first-person essays written by people living with depression, to articles from licensed mental health experts, they offer a wide range of advice that's intended to provide solace and support to those living with this depression.

The Blurt Foundation

Handle: @theblurtfoundation

What They Discuss on Their Account: depression and coping with depression

This blog describes itself as a place that's "increasing awareness and understanding of depression," and its articles do just that. It features detailed breakdowns on exactly what it means to say, "I don't know how I am," as well as lesser-known symptoms of anxiety.

This blog really focuses on people who have struggled with depression. There are also subcategories like "Living with Depression" and "Supporting Someone with Depression," both of which describe effective ways to help someone (including yourself!) dealing with the long-term side effects of depression.

Lawyers with Depression

Handle: @DanLukasik

What They Discuss on Their Account: how those in the legal field can cope with depression

While this may seem directly aimed at helping people in the legal field, it's truly a great resource for any working professional who knows what it's like to struggle with the effects of depression on a daily basis.

Dan Lukasik, the site's creator, has worked as a lawyer for decades and understands how mental health challenges can impact specific career fields.

Lukasik also interviews professors on topics like managing mental health as a student, and he even has a section called "True Stories" that hosts guest bloggers as they describe their experiences with depression.

Blogs that Focus on Bipolar Disorder

If you are living with bipolar disorder, it can be hard to find others who are facing your same exact challenges. These blogs represent different voices that can hopefully act as a comfort. There are also some blogs that focus heavily on those caring for a friend or loved one with bipolar disorder.


Handle: @Chipur

What They Discuss on Their Account: mood disorders

This is a blog that delves into depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Founded by mental health counselor Bill White, Chipur covers mood disorders in an approachable way.

The site has categories like "COVID-19," "Feelin' Better," and the "Biology of Depression." Overall, he offers advice and information in a way that is as informative as it is understandable.


Handle: @bpmagforbipolar

What They Discuss on Their Account: bipolar disorder

bpHope is a blog that is tailored specifically to people living with bipolar disorder, and it features an array of guest essays from people who are living with this diagnosis.

The writers focus on topics of their choosing, covering relationships, symptoms, impulsivity and so much more.

The site provides guidance that helps people with bipolar disorder determine when it may be time to seek a new mental health professional. Some essays focus on specific ways people have found that help with their illness, like this blogger who shared how she convinces her brain to start working, or this one who has found stand-up comedy to be an amazing outlet for stress relief.

International Bipolar Foundation

Handle: @intlbipolar

What They Discuss on Their Account: bipolar disorder

This blog lives on the International Bipolar Foundation's website, and it features guest posts from bloggers who are living with bipolar disorder. One author shared a thoughtful essay about how she uses writing to release her feelings, while another shared what it's like to live with this diagnosis as a person of color.

Blogs that Focus on Caregivers

Caring for someone with a mental health condition can result in a very specific set of stressors. No one understands that better than other caregivers, which is why we looked for blogs that focuse in on first-person perspectives.

Rethink Mental Illness

Handle: @Rethink_

What They Discuss on Their Account: people caring for loved ones facing mental conditions

This blog is sponsored by a charity that delivers support groups and aid to people living with or caring for someone with a mental illness. Their blog offers up a range of first-person essays on everything from living with OCD, to generational trauma (and joy!).

The Survivor's Guide to Life

Handle: @SurvivorsGuidetoLife

What They Discuss on Their Account: people caring for loved ones facing mental conditions

While the longer versions of these discussions can be found on their YouTube channel and podcasts, the founders of the site also post regularly on social media and maintain newsletters. The podcast features in-depth discussions that focus primarily on the mental health of caregivers. It is hosted by Peter Bernstein, PhD, and Jenny Stevenson, who has worked with Bernstein for many years. They discuss new research, books and how to deal different situations that caregivers often face.

A Word From Verywell

No matter what you're facing, perhaps one of these blogs can offer up some solace or comfort. Know that you're not alone, and that there is help available. This can be hard to keep in mind if you haven't quite found the right support system. While it's definitely not easy to find the right fit—whether you're looking for a support group or a therapist—with diligence, it's totally possible.

By Brittany Loggins
Brittany is a health and lifestyle writer and former staffer at TODAY on NBC and CBS News. She's also contributed to dozens of magazines.