The Best Places To Get Relationship Advice Online

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Not everyone needs, or can afford, a relationship therapist when they have relationship questions. Sometimes all we need is a friendly ear and some unbiased advice from people who don't know us, who can look at the situation from a new angle.

One of the miraculous things about the internet is that people from all walks of life can communicate instantly with people they would never meet in real life—and share experiences and advice, too. And so, people regularly turn to forums, question-and-answer websites, and specialized services to get answers to their relationship questions. Here is a list of 6 places where people can get advice on love, marriage, sex, dating, and everything related to relationships.

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BetterHelp is a popular online therapy service. Staffed by registered therapists (clinical psychologists, social workers, licensed family and marriage therapists, etc.), it provides professional support at a generally affordable cost (the website says, on average, between $40 and $70 per week.)


  • Vetted staff are licensed therapists

  • Can help with issues beyond relationships

  • Flexible tools like chat, texting, video, or phone


  • Not a free service

  • No opportunity to speak with therapist before paying

If you need professional help but have scheduling or budget barriers stopping you from getting face-to-face therapy, BetterHelp is a good option. Although it does have a cost, it is low compared to traditional therapy, depending on how much you use it. However, you can be confident that the advice comes from licensed mental health professionals.


Love Is Respect

An initiative of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, Love Is Respect is a youth-focused phone, chat and information service aiming to end abuse in dating relationships. It's available to teens and young adults as well as their parents, caregivers and other loved ones who might be worried about their relationships.


  • Trained peer advocates provide support

  • Live support (phone/text/chat)

  • Informational content on site

  • Specializes in identifying abuse

  • Available 24/7


  • Limited by youth focus

There are almost no downsides to this service. Trained advocates and a focus on identifying and preventing abuse and violence make it a great space to get relationship advice if you ever worried about potentially abusive behavior from your partner, or if you see someone you love in a potentially abusive relationship.


Reddit r/relationship_advice

Despite the reputation of Reddit for hosting less than wholesome content, the relationship advice subreddit (another name for "forum") is full of helpful, no-nonsense contributors who will answer your relationship questions for free.


  • Anonymous

  • Free to access

  • Variety of viewpoints

  • Large subscriber community


  • Overwhelming volume of comments

  • No guarantee of expertise

  • Skews younger

  • Possibility of online trolling

Overall, r/relationship_advice is a nice place if you're not necessarily looking for professional support. In many cases, you may simply need the advice of one or more people who have gone through a situation similar to yours and can provide much needed perspective. While not everyone in a relationship is an expert per se, there is often no substitute for the combined lived experiences of such a large community.

Additionally, Redditors will often tell you if they think you need to consult a marriage/relationship therapist to help with your issue.



Quora is a free "questions-and-answers"-type website that works mostly like Reddit. People post questions (they need to be short), and others answer. Other readers upvote the best answers, and it's easy to identify the best answers from "experts"—people who get upvoted a lot in certain categories.


  • Free

  • Anonymous

  • Attended by experts

  • Good age range


  • Respondents may not be experts

  • Not a replacement for professional help

  • Varying answer quality

Quora appears definitely more "professional" than Reddit in some ways: the website is easier to use, for example. Experts also have profiles to demonstrate their knowledge, and you can read their answers to other questions to gauge the general quality of their previous responses.

While it can be a very useful resource on the occasions when an expert has provided an answer, a credentialed respondent is by no means guaranteed.



Less well-known than Reddit or Quora but still quite active, eNotAlone is a free online forum that specializes in relationships. You can talk about your romantic and dating problems, but also problems in your family, divorce, or even personal growth.


  • Anonymous

  • Free

  • Wide age range


  • Advice of varying quality

  • Cannot replace professional support

The eNotAlone forum shares with the general pros and cons of other similar online sources: people who answer are not necessarily experts, and your question may get little to no attention. However, it is free and anonymous, which leads many people to prefer it to face-to-face therapy or asking friends for advice.


GayForum Relationship Advice

For those who identify as LGTBQ, getting advice from typically heterosexual forums and services might not be the best option. That's why a space like GayForum is absolutely needed today, along with relationship advice tailored to the needs and lives of LGBTQ people.


  • Free

  • Anonymous

  • Specific guidance for LGBTQ population


  • No vetted experts

  • Advice can be of uneven quality

In general, this is very much like Reddit, expect geared towards LGBTQ individuals. People who answer are not necessarily relationship experts, and it is not a replacement for professional help, but for a digital shoulder to lean on in a time of need, this forum can definitely be of service.

A Word From Verywell

Asking for help is not always easy, especially for relationship issues that may be difficult to navigate, so congratulations on having the courage to seek it. Hopefully one of these resources will prove the right one for your needs.

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