Welcome to The Verywell Mind Podcast. Our podcast shares guidance and tips for improving psychological well-being and cultivating mental strength.

Listen to interviews with inspirational speakers who share their stories, struggles, and strategies for staying mentally strong, as well as weekly “Friday Fix” episodes, that discuss how to deal with specific issues or concerns by practicing quick, actionable mental health exercises.

An Award-Winning Podcast

The Verywell Mind Podcast has received several awards including the 2021 Eddie & Ozzie Award for the Best Consumer/Lifestyle podcast, PM360 2021 Innovative Product, and episode #174 featuring Terry Crews won the 2023 Webby Award for best individual episode in the Health & Wellness category.

The Verywell Mind Podcast is available across all streaming platforms. If you like the show, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. Reviews and ratings are a great way to encourage other people to listen and help them prioritize their mental health too.

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