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The Work-Life Issue Featuring Chrissy Metz
Making room for mental health within the daily grind
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Chrissy Metz Joins The Verywell Mind Podcast to Talk Healing and Gratitude
40 min

Letter from the Editor

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What the Experts Say

Dr. Sandra Fisher
“Proponents of the four-day, 32-hour week argue that most humans can only be productive for a limited period of time.”
Dr. Sandra Fisher on the Four-Day Workweek
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Sabrina Romanoff
“It is possible to achieve a work-life balance, but not all the time, and not all at once.”
Sabrina Romanoff, PsyD on Unlinking Work and Your Self-Worth
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Kim Bielak
“One of the most common challenges that come with pursuing a passion as a career is that very same fire, when left unchecked, will easily burn us out.”
Kim Bielak, AMFT on Doing What You Love
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The Work-Life Issue