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Theories of Psychology

Understand the intricacies to the science of the mind. Learn how the many branches of psychology differ from one another and how and where they overlap.
Woman with daughter on her shoulders
Nature vs. Nurture: Genes or Environment?
List of mental disorders
A List of Psychological Disorders
Sigmund Freud In Home Office At Desk
Freud's Theory of the Id in Psychology
Industrial-organizational psychology
Industrial-Organizational Psychology Definition
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The Focus of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Young people
Community Psychology and Society
Great man leadership theories
The Great Man Theory of Leadership
situational leadership
Situational Theory of Leadership
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Priming and the Psychology of Memory
A boy who has learned optimism
How Learned Optimism Can Improve Your Life
Public Restroom Sign
Gender Schema Theory and Roles in Culture
A woman and a dog wearing sunglasses
Comparative Psychology and Animal Behavior
A clinical psychologist with clients
Clinical Psychology History, Approaches, and Careers
Exploring a psychology theory
Types of Psychological Theories
Health Psychology
Health Psychology: The Science of Health and Behavior
Forensic psychology
An Overview of Forensic Psychology
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The Basics of Human Factors Psychology
traits associated with great leadership
Understanding the Trait Theory of Leadership
Business People Listening to the Speaker at a Conference
The Major Leadership Theories
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History and Topics in the Field of Positive Psychology
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The James-Lange Theory of Emotion
Imprinting is an example of an instinct
The Instinct Theory of Motivation
Arousal theory explains why people seek thrilling activities.
The Arousal Theory of Motivation
Hull's drive-reductions theory
Drive-Reduction Theory and Human Behavior
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The Incentive Theory of Motivation
Sports psychology and athletics
An Overview of Sports Psychology
Consumer psychologists study buying behavior
The Psychology Behind Consumer Behavior
Self-determined man
Self-Determination Theory: How It Explains Motivation
brain puzzle
Understanding Abnormal Psychology
10 Top Ranked Clinical Psychology Programs
Zeigarnik Effect
The Zeigarnik Effect and Thoughts About Unfinished Work
Man with anal personality cutting his grass.
What Is an Anal Personality?
Group of people having a conversation.
What Is Social Facilitation?
children drinking soda
The Link Between Soft Drinks and Aggression in Children
Conduct disorder is a mental health condition.
Conduct Disorder: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment
Strategies for Increasing Motivation