Tiara Blain
Tiara Blain

Tiara Blain, MA

Writer, Researcher, Content Creator, Blogger


Mental Health, Health Psychology, Positive Psychology, Lifestyle Interventions, Behavioral Interventions, Spiritual Well-being, Wellness Techniques


CUNY Queens College, Molloy College


There is a strong connection between the mind and body. I seek to dedicate my life to research and content that can help others and myself further understand this connection while discovering optimum resources that aid in reaching ultimate mind-body wellness. Enduring fibromyalgia symptoms throughout my life, I have encountered persistent muscle and nerve pain, fatigue, cognitive deficiency, along with anxiety and depression. I believe God has equipped and directed me to be a voice in promoting healing and wellness using my own experiences as inspiration and empirical scientific research as guidance.

— Tiara Blain, MA


Tiara Blain, MA, is a writer, researcher, content creator, and blogger driven to provide content that promotes mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. She has contributed to various research within the field of health psychology, involving ethnically diverse populations of college students, as well as children and adolescents experiencing chronic illnesses.

Most of these studies pertain to both mental and physical health topics, which include dietary supplement’s impact on mood and anxiety, the importance of gut bacteria diversity, resilience in children suffering from irritable bowel diseases (IBD), and an independent research study that explores the influence of hope and spiritual well-being on chronic fatigue and psychological symptoms. 

She is also the creator of HEAL Well Journey, a health and wellness blog focusing on the mind-body connection. Dedicated to health-related research and having a powerful love for writing since the age of 11, she decided to combine these outlets by publishing health articles exploring the relationships between the body, mind, and spirit.

Experiencing a variety of health circumstances herself, she understands firsthand the burdens that can accompany chronic conditions. Recognizing that ethnic minorities are drastically impacted by chronic ailments, yet often receive limited health resources, she hopes to additionally be an advocate for these communities in offering solutions for better health outcomes.


Tiara Blain received an MA in Psychology in 2019 and double majored in both psychology and professional communication receiving a bachelor's degree in both. She earned a BA from Molloy College in 2016.

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