Top 10 Smartphone Uses for Stress Management

Did you know that a smartphone can be one of the best stress management tools available? It’s true! (I use mine daily and find significant relaxation benefits from it.) Here are some fun ways you can use your phone to reduce stress in your daily life:


Exercise Soundtrack

Ipods and smartphones can be great stress relief tools.

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Exercise is an important part of stress management. It gives you a release, increases your endorphins, and improves your overall health, among other things. It’s not always fun to go for a walk by yourself or go to the gym to work out—unless you have a smartphone. Just plug in the earphones and go! Now I never worry about whether or not I have a workout buddy because I can always exercise with Fergie, Adam Levine or Bono!


Cleaning Soundtrack

Listening to music while cleaning
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Maintaining an organized living space is a great way to manage stress; clutter only causes additional tension! And what normally feels like a chore can feel almost like a party if you have the right music! If you get a dock for your device, you can play upbeat music in any room of your house and have fun while you clean.


Spa Sounds

Your iPod can be your key to relaxation.

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Relaxing in the tub and taking care of your body is another great way to de-stress, and the tension-relieving benefits you experience can be multiplied with the right mix of soothing music. Just close the door, dock your phone, and feel like you’re truly escaping to a spa.


Sizzling Sounds

Your iPod can help you relieve stress in the kitchen.
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Americans are eating fast food more now than ever before, but eating at home is generally cheaper and healthier. If you dread taking the time to make home-cooked meals, let your phone help, too! If you put on some of your favorite music and work quickly, it’s less of a chore. You can even see if you can finish all the meal prep over the course of two or three songs to make the cooking time go faster.


Meal Mellowness

Family dinners can relieve stress with music.
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Studies show that listening to music while you eat can cause you to savor your food more. Classical music works best, but playing any mellow music on your device can help. You can dock it right on the table if you want!


End Road Rage!

Driving can be a relaxing experience with the right sounds.
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Many people report feeling stressed during commute time. If you have a long commute during rush hour traffic, you’re probably one of those people! Instead of succumbing to road rage, you can get a Road Trip dock for your device and listen to audio books! It’ll make commute time much more interesting, and you can download the books instantly from your computer the night before (or even in the morning before you leave)!


Personal Enrichment

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Sometimes having a hobby, learning something new, or otherwise having a creative outlet is just what is needed to breathe new life into a stressful day. You can listen to enriching audio books on your phone and learn a new language or explore a new topic while you move about your life.


Quick Laughs


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Laughter is a great stress reliever. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s hard to find truly funny things to laugh at when you’re under a lot of stress already. Again, your phone can help! You can download your favorite comedian's podcast, or watch a routine on YouTube.

Sometimes a small laugh is all it takes to change your attitude and get into a lighthearted mood, with more laughs to follow.


Time Management With Your Favorite Shows

Time management with your favorite shows.
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If you have some favorite shows on TV but not a lot of time to watch them (or you don’t want to take up evening time with your family to sit in front of the tube), you can download many of them onto your device and watch them when you’re doing other things like waiting in line at the grocery store, getting gas or eating lunch. It helps you save time and fit TV in where it really fits.


Meditation Music

Music and meditation

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Meditation has proven health benefits, from lowered blood pressure to a reduction in depression! Some people find it difficult to begin a meditation practice, as it’s hard to "think about nothing"—thoughts often pop into your head, including “Am I doing this right? Shoot! I’m thinking again!” Now you can circumvent this by docking your device in a quiet, private room and just focusing on the music. This helps you be fully present "in the now," which is a form of meditation!​

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By Elizabeth Scott, PhD
Elizabeth Scott, PhD is an author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on stress management, positive psychology, relationships, and emotional wellbeing.