Top 10 Stress-Relieving Gifts

If you’d like to really get value for your money, why not buy something that can be used to promote wellness, relaxation and increased inner peace in the face of stressful times? Whether you’re looking to give the perfect gift for that stressed-out person in your life or you’re looking to treat yourself, these gifts keep on giving:


Scented Lotions

woman sitting on bed applying lotion to legs
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Lotions are a great, inexpensive gift for yourself or a loved one. Putting the lotion on can be relaxing and soothing, and the scent you carry from it throughout the day can remind you that you are caring for yourself. You can also use lotions as part of a massage, to soothe tired feet, to feel pampered or just to keep your skin healthy. 


Aromatherapy Oils and Candles

aromatherapy oils and candle
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Aromatherapy has gained popularity in recent years as people have realized that our sense of smell can be tied to our moods and really change how we feel in subtle ways. By burning scented oil in a diffuser, burning scented candles or spraying a scent in the air, you can use aromatherapy to reduce the stress you feel and create a more calming atmosphere in your home or even your office. 


Stress Management Books

woman reading book drinking coffee
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Books on stress management are a great way to begin developing a life that contains less stress and brings you more pleasure. There are literally thousands of stress-related books out there that can help you manage your symptoms.


Funny Books

woman smiling reading book
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Funny books can also reduce your stress. Laughter can reduce the tension you’re feeling, relax your body physically, and take your mind away from what’s stressing you, giving you a new perspective for when you come back. One of my very favorites, a comedic classic, is Jerry Seinfeld’s SeinLanguage. It’s written in short chunks, so you can read as much or as little as you have time for, and it could have you laughing out loud. (Added bonus: it’s an older book, so you can get it cheap!)


Stress-Relieving Music

man with headphones listening to music
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Whether you’re in the car, at home or out for a walk, listening to music can transform your experience, and the type of music you listen to can make all the difference. Look for instrumental songs to help soothe your nerves and calm you. 


Soothing Sounds

man with headphones and iphone laying down on bed
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Another great way to reduce stress through your sense of hearing is to get nature sounds CD, or a Sound Spa, which is a machine that produces the soothing sounds of the ocean, waterfalls, rain or other beautiful sounds found in nature. 


Electronic Massager

woman using electronic massager
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It’s always great to get a massage from a loved one or a professional, but it’s perhaps even better to have an electronic massager, always there at your beck and call, never complaining of tired fingers or expecting a tip! There’s a variety of massagers out there, ranging from handheld models to vibrating chair attachments, and at all different price levels.


Spa Products for the Tub

woman taking bubble bath with candles
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Relaxing in a hot tub with massaging bubbles makes it virtually impossible to stay tense. Fortunately, for those who don’t wish to invest thousands of dollars in an outdoor spa, you can turn your bathtub into a bubbly hot-tub with the help of in-tub tools that produce soothing bubbles. 


Really Great Sheets

woman making bed
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Since we spend a third of our lives in bed, and sleep is so important to our daily functioning, I have to include sheets in my list. Great-quality sheets with a high thread count can really help you feel relaxed and pampered when you’re in bed and help you get better sleep, which will help you be more functional and less stressed when you’re not in bed. 



man relaxing in hammock
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Lying in a hammock is practically synonymous with relaxation and escape from pressures, and I’ve found this stereotypical image to be accurate. I have a hammock, and when I lie in it and close my eyes, I can’t help but feel great, even if I’ve had a hectic day up to that point. With the comfortable hammocks and sturdy stands currently available, owning a hammock is no longer a luxury reserved for those with two trees the perfect distance apart!

By Elizabeth Scott, PhD
Elizabeth Scott, PhD is an author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on stress management, positive psychology, relationships, and emotional wellbeing.