Fast Stress Relievers for a Busy Schedule

If you find yourself wanting to manage stress in your life, but you feel you just don't have time to learn a new technique or take on a time-consuming regular activity, you're in luck. These are stress relievers for busy people like you: they're easy, quick, or fit into your schedule with little fuss. If you don't have a lot of time to devote to change, these will give you a good return for little effort.


Develop a Positive Attitude

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Optimists and positive thinkers experience better health, less stress, and more 'luck' in life. While it takes a little practice to develop a more positive frame of mind, the practice takes little extra time and can really change your whole experience of life and how you live it. After some initial learning and a bit of practice, and the rewards are continual, which is a pretty big payoff. 


Practice Breathing Exercises

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Breathing exercises are a great way to relieve stress anytime and anywhere. They're simple to learn, simple to use and can be done on the spot when you feel the tension, immediately helping you to feel better.

One very effective exercise is to 'inhale peace' and 'exhale your stress'.

For more effective techniques, read this article on breathing exercises.


Listen to Music During Your Regular Activities

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Music has proven health and stress relief benefits and can be easily used in daily life to relieve stress. Busy people can turn on music during their morning routine, commute to and from work, during dinner, or at other times to relieve stress as they go about their daily activities. It takes virtually no extra time and provides real benefits.


Take Your Vitamins

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Taking your vitamins in the morning really can help you feel less stressed throughout the day. In particular, you may want to take a Vitamin B complex, Calcium and Magnesium, and Vitamin C. You should always talk to your doctor before beginning any new vitamin regimen to be sure you take a mix that is safe for you and your particular situation, but vitamins are a quick and beneficial way to relieve stress if taken appropriately.


Learn to Say No

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How much could less busy your schedule be if you said no to all new commitments? It's sometimes hard to say no, however, especially if you're concerned about disappointing or offending people. Learning to diplomatically say no is quick and simple; this article on how to say no can help you get started, and with a little practice, you'll do it easily and without thinking.

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