Psychologist talking to his patient in chairs

Types of Phobias

Certain phobias are more prevalent than others. Gain a better understanding of both common and rare phobias so you're best equipped to manage your fear.
A man with a fear of women
Gynophobia: Coping With the Fear of Women
The deep dark ocean
Thalassophobia: Coping With the Fear of the Ocean
cruise ship
Do You Have a Fear of Cruise Ships?
common phobias
10 of the Most Common Phobias
Eating Disorders and Emetophobia (Specific Fear of Vomiting)
Could Your Eating Problems Be a Specific Phobia of Vomiting?
Woman Behind Transparent Wall
Cleithrophobia: The Fear of Being Trapped
Couple lying down, close up
Understanding Erotophobia or the Fear of Sex
Pensive adult woman lying on bed
Understanding the Fear of People
Young woman sitting on the beach
Coping With the Fear of Water
back of mother holding her crying son
How to Help Children Overcome the Fear of Death
Doctor comforting senior patient
Coping With Haphephobia or the Fear of Being Touched
Notre Dame Cathedral, gargoyles
Coping WIth Daemonophobia or the Fear of Demons
Korean girl looking under bed with flashlight
Coping With Teraphobia or the Fear of Monsters
fearful flying
6 Best Ways to Cope With the Fear of Traveling
Student performing on high school stage
Is Stage Fright Considered a Phobia?
Hispanic woman shielding herself from light
Heliophobia or Fear of Sunlight
Angry woman sitting at her desk with hands in the air
Coping With Angrophobia or the Fear of Anger
Cruise ship at sunset
There Really Is a Cruise Ship Phobia
Group of people looking angrily at camera
Scoptophobia or the Fear of Being Stared At
An image of a cemetery
Necrophobia: Coping With the Fear of Dead Things
Mature man applying deodorant in office
Olfactory Reference Characteristics and Treatment
Toddler girl crying on mothers shoulder
Separation Anxiety: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment
Man Holding Knee
Genuphobia, the Fear of Knees
Vacuum cleaner in an empty room
Coping With Zuigerphobia or the Fear of Vacuum Cleaners
The Bear's Cage, Tornado cloud over Texas.
Understanding Anemophobia, the Fear of Air
Young woman climbing on rock formation
Causes, Treatment, and Complications of Climacophobia
Distressed looking man sitting on hospital bed, head in hand, night
Symptoms and Factors of Dementophobia
Wicca religion practitioners
The Fear of Witchcraft or Wiccaphobia
Central park in winter
Cryophobia and Understanding the Fear of Cold
Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft anti-depressant tablets, close-up
Fluoxetine Side Effects and Controversies
Desperate woman
Understanding Puerto Rico Syndrome
multi ethnic business people in urban setting
Xenophobia: Definition, Symptoms, Traits, Causes, Treatment
Man holding the bridge of his nose
Coping With Osmophobia or the Fear of Smells
Phobophobia Is the Fear of Phobias
Dysmorphophobia Is the Fear of Deformity
Businessman smiling with arms outstretched
Phobia of Self-Promotion: How It Could Be Hurting You
Group of happy young japanese people fun outdoors, Tokyo.
Taijin Kyofusho: Japanese Social Phobia
Giving him the silent treatment
Fear of Intimacy: Signs, Causes, and Coping Strategies
Troubled by his thoughts
Paraphobia or the Fear of Sexual Perversion
Seafood BBQ with Japanese spiny lobsters
Coping With Ostraconophobia or the Fear of Shellfish
Girl asleep in bed lit only by night light.
Overcoming a Fear of the Dark (Nyctophobia)
Spider, close up
Understanding Arachnophobia or the Fear of Spiders
Lightning storm, Colorado
Overview of Astraphobia, a Fear of Thunderstorms
Bird overhead
Coping With Ornithophobia or the Fear of Birds
Woman reading food labels at grocery store
Coping With Cibophobia or the Fear of Food
Close-Up Of Clown Face
Coping With Coulrophobia or the Fear of Clowns
Concerned looking man
Coping WIth Koro or the Fear of Genital Retraction
Baby in bath tub
Ablutophobia and the Irrational Fear of Bathing
wax figures of presidents
Automatonophobia or Fear of Human-Like Figures
Man showing milky way to little boy, telescope
Coping With Astrophobia or the Fear of Outer Space
hand of businessman using smartphone in taxi
Amaxophobia Symptoms and Treatment
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread
Arachibutyrophobia or Fear of Peanut Butter
Young man looking at mixing bowl on kitchen counter, elevated view
Understanding Food Phobias and Their Causes
Teenage girl in sunglasses, blowing bubble gum
Coping With Chiclephobia, or the Fear of Chewing Gum
woman standing outside shower with towel on
Understanding Bromidrophobia or Fear of Smelling Bad
Child about to slip on marbles on the floor
The Fear of Accidents or Dystychiphobia
Passengers stepping in to crowded train, rear view (blurred motion)
Coping With Siderodromophobia, or the Fear of Trains
Businessman on phone at desk hand on forehead
Overcoming the Fear of Failure and Success
Woman pulling sweater over face
Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia and the Fear of 666
Dog laying outside in the grass
Coping With Cynophobia or the Fear of Dogs