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Violence and Abuse

Identifying abuse in sex and relationships is the first step to overcoming it. Learn what abuse means, how to identify it, and how to keep yourself safe.
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Why It Can Be Hard to Leave an Abusive Relationship
Sad Woman With Hands Covering Face Sitting At Home
What Is Intimate Partner Violence?
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What Is Domestic Abuse?
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Finding a Narcissistic Abuse Support Group
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Spotting Abuse By Proxy
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Where Can I Find a Domestic Violence Class?
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How to Avoid Falling Into a Narcissistic Relationship Pattern
Man is trying to calm his crying girlfriend
Why You Might Cry During Sex
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Why Does Abuse and Violence Occur?
Woman during a psychotherapy session
Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About What a Sex Therapist Does
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Healing After Narcissistic Abuse: What Does Healing Look Like?
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Effects of Narcissistic Abuse
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What Is Child Abuse?
Cyber bullying at high school
What Are the Different Types of Bullying?
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What Is Trauma Bonding?
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Mental Health Effects of Different Types of Abuse
Shot of a young man looking unhappy after having a fight with his partner at home
How to Deal With Verbal Abuse
Child abuse
What Are the Most Common Types of Child Abuse?
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Mandated Reporting: What Is It?
Angry sex
Angry Sex: Is It Healthy?
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What Is Rape Trauma Syndrome?
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Sexual Aversion Disorder: Signs, Causes, and Treatment
What to Know About Hypersexuality
Female arousal disorder
What Is Female Sexual Arousal Disorder?
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What Does It Mean to Pathologize Someone?
Mother Comforting her Mixed Race Daughter
'I Hate My Family:' What to Do If You Feel This Way
Mother consoles daughter during therapy session at workshop
What Is a Dysfunctional Family?
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What Is Sexual Tension and Is It Healthy?
Domestic violence in the LGBTQ+ community
Domestic Violence in the LGBTQ+ Community
Lust vs. love
What Is Lust?
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What Does It Mean to Be the Family Scapegoat?
Young couple having relationship difficulties in the bedroom
What to Do When Your Relationship Has No Chemistry
woman being stalked
How to Stay Safe When You're Being Stalked
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What Are The Types of Domestic Violence?
A group of women advocating for Me Too movement
Why Victims of Sexual Assault Get Blamed
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How to Put Together a Safety Plan When You're Being Abused
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Gaslighting: How It Affects Marginalized Folx
Codependency causes one partner to lose sight of their values.
How to Stop Being Codependent
A woman in handcuffs practicing BDSM
The Potential Health Benefits of BDSM
Portrait of beautiful young woman recovering emotionally.
How to Cope With Sexual Assault
Close-Up Of Sad Woman Hugging Cushion While Sitting At Home
How to Tell Someone You Were Sexually Assaulted
woman meeting with a therapist
What to Do if You Were Raped
Damaging effects of sexualizing young girls
How Sexualizing Young Girls May Lead to Mental Health Problems
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What Are the Signs of Verbal Abuse?
woman holding post-it with #MeToo
What Is the Me Too Movement All About?
Upset woman looking at smartphone
How to Recognize Digital Dating Abuse in Your Relationship
traumatized child with head covered
Alleviating Childhood Trauma
Can Hypnosis Unlock Memories of Childhood Abuse?
5 Things College Freshmen Should Know About Sexual Assault
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How Do You Know If You Were Sexually Abused?
View of woman posing in mirror with hands on her stomach
How Childhood Abuse Might Lead to Overeating
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Why the Choking Game Is Extremely Dangerous for Teens
Is It Time To Divorce
The Impact of False Domestic Abuse Claims Used in Court
Married couple in a verbal fight
Understanding Factors and Behaviors That Predict Domestic Violence
Woman Looking Out Car Window
Stressors That Can Play a Role in Domestic Violence Attacks
Depressed girl sitting at the street
Childhood Abuse and Neglect Actually Change Brain Structure
Couple Talking at a Cafe
How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved Book Review
Mother and child
How to Handle False Child Abuse Allegations
woman with empty wallet
Financial Abuse: Often the First Sign of Domestic Abuse
couple arguing
9 Ways to Help a Domestic Violence Victim

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