6 Social Anxiety Forums Worth Joining

You may be looking for a social anxiety forum to chat with other people in similar circumstances. A social anxiety forum is a place to connect with those who may have insight into your problems because they've "been in your shoes." A good forum will offer a supportive community with active members who are quick to respond in an empathetic manner.

While it's best to visit a forum dedicated solely to social anxiety disorder (SAD), some overall mental health forums may also have specific boards dedicated to different disorders. The best forum will combine a large membership, proactive moderators who monitor posts and flag inappropriate content, and an easy-to-use interface.

Be aware that while most forums will have moderators, they are likely not trained mental health professionals.

It's also important to note that a social anxiety forum will be asynchronous in nature, meaning that you and the other members can read and post at your convenience. This differs from a chat room, in which it is generally expected that you will enter and chat consistently for a specified period before leaving. In this way, discussion forums are less demanding of your time and can be visited when your schedule permits.

The best social anxiety forum for your individual situation will depend on how comfortable you feel with other members and how easy you find it to use the website. Try out a few when you are first starting to get a feel for which one suits you best. Over time, you may find that you develop online friendships at a particular forum and that may be the one that attracts you the most.


Social Anxiety Support Forum

Users can chat with each other at the SAS forum.

Courtesy of SAS support

Social anxiety support (SAS) originally started as a set of message boards for those with social anxiety disorder to communicate with one another. In late 2008, the website changed hands and additional resources were added, such as literature about social anxiety disorder and help ​finding treatment. However, the social anxiety forum is still what SAS does best.


Social Phobia World Forum

Users can chat online at Social Phobia World
Social Phobia World

Social Phobia World is a dedicated set of message boards for the discussion of social anxiety disorder. With over 10,000 members, this social anxiety forum tends to be constantly updated with new posts from members asking questions, looking for advice, or just wanting to share problems. The polls and hot topics on the home page are a great place to start.


Forum at SA-UK

Users chat with each other through the SA-UK discussion boards.

SA-UK is an association dedicated to helping those with social anxiety disorder living in the United Kingdom. The SA-UK site social anxiety forum is just one part of this organization that offers general information about SAD, success stories, listings of self-help, social, and therapy groups and chat rooms as well. Although the SA-UK social anxiety forum is not as bustling as some of the others on this list, there are still thousands of posts for you to browse. SA-UK is a good meeting place for those looking to connect with other SA sufferers in the UK.


Social Anxiety Institute Forum

Those in therapy can chat online at the SAI forum.
Social Anxiety Institute Forum

The Social Anxiety Institute founded by Thomas Richards, Ph.D. offers treatment for social anxiety to individuals and groups through its therapy program and self-help offerings. Here you will find a social anxiety forum for those wishing to talk to others through the SAI Website.


Social Anxiety Forum at Mental Health Forums

Chat opportunities exist at Mental Health Forums.
Mental Health Forums

This social anxiety forum is part of a larger network of anxiety forums and has many active postings from those with social anxiety looking to network or have their questions answered.


Social Phobia Forum at Psych Forums

Users chat with each other at the Social Phobia Psych Forum.
Psych Forums

This is another active social anxiety forum dedicated to social anxiety within a larger umbrella network of mental health forums. In addition to the section on anxiety, there is also a member's corner and ​off-topic board.

A Word From Verywell

If you choose to visit a social anxiety forum, be sure to first read the etiquette rules for the group. Most forums will have a guide as far as starting new topics, what topics are off-limits, whether you can attach images or provides links, etc.

While a social anxiety forum is a good place to connect with others and share experiences, it is not appropriate for seeking help during times of severe stress or anxiety. In those instances, it is better to consult with your doctor or a mental health practitioner.

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