Where to Find Free Online Psychology Courses

The Top Spots for Free Classes

Free online psychology classes

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Are you looking for a free online psychology class? There are a number of places to find these no-expense classes, which can be a great way to expand your knowledge of psychology at little or no cost. The best thing about these classes (aside from the fact that they are FREE, of course) is that you can complete the lectures, readings, and assignments at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose.

It is important to note that in most cases, these classes do not count for college credit. Instead, they offer an affordable and convenient opportunity for self-directed learning. By taking these courses, students can gain a solid understanding of major topics within psychology.

Also, note that none of these courses are designed to offer any type of credential or degree. However, taking the time to explore a free class can help you decide if psychology is the right field for you. You will also feel better prepared if you choose to later pursue a psychology degree.

MIT OpenCourseware

MIT OpenCourseware offers an excellent selection of courses on the brain and in cognitive sciences, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. All of these classes can be completed online via self-study and do not require registration.

Some of the offerings you'll find here include Intro to Psychology, and Brain Structure and Its Origins. These courses are a great opportunity to access psychology courses from one of the country's top schools and are the perfect option for those who enjoy learning at their own pace.

Open Yale Courses

Yale University also offers a host of free open-access courses on a wide variety of subjects, including psychology. Their psychology course offerings include "Psych 110: Introduction to Psychology" and "Psych 123: The Psychology, Biology, and Politics of Food." You can also find free courses in related subjects, including sociology and philosophy.

iTunes U

iTunes is another great place to find free, open-access lectures and classes. These lectures are available to students all over the globe and can be downloaded for listening on your home computer or portable music device. Schools including Stanford, MIT, Oxford, and Yale offer course lectures via iTunes.

If you are interested in accessing them, be sure to visit iTunes U. Once you have reached the iTunes Store, select the "Social Science" option from the categories, or utilize the search bar to look for available courses and lectures.

EdX Courses

EdX offers psychology courses from University of California at Berkeley and University of Queensland in Australia, among other notable institutions. Topics of instruction include "The Science of Happiness" and "Introduction to Clinical Psychology." These courses are free to take, but if you want an official certificate of completion, you will have to pay a fee.

A Word From Verywell

Taking a free online psychology course can be a great way to explore the subject, brush up on your knowledge, and even prepare for a course that you may need to take at your university. Whether you are a casual psychology enthusiast or planning on a career in the field, these classes can help expand your understanding of the human mind and behavior.

As you can see, there are a number of different places to look online for free psychology courses. Once you have started working on one of these classes, you might want to also check out our study, homework, and test resources. Find psychology study tips that will help you get the most out of your classes as well as tips for how to take great psychology notes.

By Kendra Cherry, MSEd
Kendra Cherry, MS, is a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, psychology educator, and author of the "Everything Psychology Book."