Where to Find Psychology Jobs

Searching for your first psychology job can be an exciting experience, but it can also be a bit daunting. Learning where to look for psychology jobs can make your search much easier. By seeking jobs that match your interests, educational background, and career experience, your job search will also be much more successful. Before you start, check out our psychology careers self-test, that can help you decide what type of psychology job is right for you!

Connect With Your Network of Professional Contacts

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One of the best ways to look for psychology jobs is to explore your existing network of professional contacts. If you have just graduated from college and have never worked in the field of psychology, your best bet is to maintain solid contacts with your professors and advisors. They can often connect you with potential employers, alert you to job opportunities, and offer recommendations for employment.

Powerful Connections

According to Alison Doyle, The Balance's expert on job searching, at least 60% of all jobs are found through networking.

Create a List of Potential Employers

Check online listings, including yellow pages, for companies in your area, and then compile a list of potential employers that offer psychology-related jobs. Depending upon your specialty area, this list might include K-12 schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, government offices, mental health clinics or psychotherapy practices. Analyze each company carefully. Do they offer jobs in your specialty area? Is your educational background and job experience a good match? After you have narrowed down the list, research each company to see if they are currently hiring.

Look at Local Job Listings

Scoping out the local classifieds is a great way to find psychology jobs. In many cases, these psychology jobs are listed under the health care, human services, professional and educational categories. Newspaper classifieds, Craigslist, online job search engines, and your local Chamber of Commerce are all great places to find out about psychology jobs in your geographic area.

Check Out Job Fairs

Alison Doyle suggests that job fairs are an excellent way to meet potential employers that you might not have access to otherwise. Job fairs on often advertised locally, or you can contact local colleges and universities that may be sponsoring or hosting these events.

Utilize Online Job Boards and Search Tools

Whether you are looking locally or are willing to relocate, online job boards and search tools are a great resource for finding psychology jobs. These tools often allow you to search by company name, geographic location, keyword, and job title, making it easy to focus your search on jobs that are well-suited to your educational background and job experience.

Search Specialty Job Listings

There are a few websites that feature listings of psychology jobs. Many of these sites focus specifically on careers in psychology, while others include searchable listings that may include a variety of different psychology-related jobs. The following are a few of the resources you might want to explore in your job search:

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