Why We All Can Learn From Studying Psychology

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Why should you study psychology? There are plenty of great reasons to learn about psychology, even if you don't plan to become a psychology major or work in a psychology-related profession. Psychology is all around you and touches on every aspect of your life! Who you are now, how you will be in the future, how you interact with family, friends, and strangers; these are all things that psychology can help you better understand.

10 Reasons to Study Psychology

Here are just a few more great reasons why we think everyone should learn at least a little bit about psychology.

Understand Yourself Better

As you learn more about how development occurs, how personality forms, and how factors like society and culture impact behavior, you might find yourself gaining a deeper understanding of the many influences that have impacted your own life.

Learn About Research Methods

Having a basic understanding of psychological research methods can help you better understand some of the many claims that you’ll encounter in books, magazines, television shows, and movies. Becoming a better-informed consumer of psychology means that you will be equipped to sort out the truth from the fiction surrounding many pop psychology myths.

Improve Your Understanding of Others

The next time someone behaves in a certain way, you might be better able to understand the influences and motivations behind their actions.

Become a Better Communicator

Studying subjects such as emotion, language, and body language can help you fine-tune your interpersonal communication skills. By learning more about these things, you can gain a greater understanding of other people and what they are trying to say.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

As you study psychology you will learn more about topics such as the scientific method, decision-making, and problem-solving, all of which might help you hone your ability to think deeply and critically about different issues.

Help You in Your Future Career

Sure, there are plenty of exciting careers in psychology that you might want to explore, but studying the subject can help you in many other professions as well. For example, if you want to become a business manager, understanding human behavior can improve your ability to manage and interact with your employees.

Learn About Human Development

Understanding how people change and grow throughout the lifespan can make it easier to understand the children in your life, as well as your aging parents. It can also shine a light on your own experiences as you encounter different challenges and opportunities as you age.

Complement Other Areas of Study

Because different areas of psychology encompass a range of topics including philosophy, biology, and physiology, studying the subject can help you gain a richer understanding of these related areas.

Develop Insight Into Mental Illness

While you might not be interested in becoming a psychotherapist, studying psychology can help you better understand how psychological conditions are diagnosed and treated.

You can also discover how mental wellness can be enhanced, how to reduce stress, how to boost memory, and how to live a happier, healthier life.

Can Be Fun and Fascinating

From intriguing optical illusions that reveal the inner workings of the brain to shocking experiments that expose how far people will go to obey an authority figure, there is always something amazing and even downright astonishing to learn about the human mind and behavior.

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By Kendra Cherry, MSEd
Kendra Cherry, MS, is a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist, psychology educator, and author of the "Everything Psychology Book."